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Indian Nations CouncilThe Greatest Show on Earth

The Pack Meet

(Tune: Take Me Out to the Ballgame)

Let's go out to the pack meet,

Let's all join in the fun,

Song and games and lots of joys,

We'll have fun with all of the boys,

So, come on, let's work together

And make Cub Scouting a treat..

For it's Wolves, Bears, Webelos Scouts

At our old pack meet.

Think Blue

(Tune: My Bonnie)

Think blue and you're thinking of Cub Scouts.

Think blue and you're thinking of Boys.

Think blue and you're thinking of families.

of outings and picnic and joys.


Think blue, think blue.

Think blue of our Bobcats and wolves and bears.

Think blue, think blue,

First Webelos, then Scout badge we'll wear.

Think blue and you're thinking of friendship.

Think blue and you're thinking of fun.

Think blue and you're thinking of goodtimes.

For Cub families and their sons.


The Banquet

(Tune: On Top of Ole Smokey)

Our Blue and Gold Banquet's

The best one in town,

We celebrate Scouting

While gulping food down.

Cub Scouting's a pleasure

And eating is too!!

So pass the fried chicken

Yea, Gold and Blue!

Cub Pledge

(Tune: America)

Cub friendships, pure and deep

We promise we will keep

Our pledge to thee.

We'll honor and obey

Akela all the way

And when we graduate

Good Scouts we will be.

Cub Scout Pack

(Tune: You're a Grand Old Flag)

We're a Cub Scout Pack,

We're a high-flying pack,

Down the trail of Akela we go.

From Wolf to Bear to Webelos

As in to good Cub Scouts we grow.

Every Cub is true to the gold and the blue.

And he never forgets the fact.

That all the fun a boy could want,

He can find in a Cub Scout Pack.

Wheels, Wings, Rudders

March 1994

Pinewood Derby Song

(TUNE: De Camptown Races)

Cubs Scouts all join in the song, do-da, do-da!

Pine car track all night long, oh do-da-day!


Going to run so fast, going to get ahead.

Bet my money on a blue pine car, somebody bet on the red.

Black cars, blue cars, green and gray, do-da, do-da!

Are running on the track today, Oh, do-da-day!

Pine cars do have lots of class, do-da, do-da,

Even though they don't use gas, oh, do-do-day!

They're the pride of all the lads, do-da, do-da,

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