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The Greatest Show on EarthIndian Nations Council

Built by Cub Scouts and their dads, oh, do-da-day!

Travelin' Song

(Tune: Home on the Range)

Oh, give us a train, or a boat, or a plane,

That will carry us Cubs far away;

To Paris or Rome..let us wander and roam,

And find new things to do every day.


Relax, relax on the trail.

Float over the waves all day,

or glide through the clouds.

Far over the crowds,

But be home before five every day.

On a broomstick we'll ride,

in a rowboat we'll glide.

Take a trip to the moon in a rocket;

And our trip will be fun..

but it soon will be done.

If we happen to hit an air pocket.

Up..Up.. and away!

Let us orbit the far distant sun,

Or deep on the floor.

Of the sea, let's explore,

And as Cubs always have fun!

Our Car

(Tune: Camptown Races)

Pinewood Derby's here again,

Oh Boy, Oh Boy!

Dad and I would like to win,

Oh boy, we will try!


My pop's thumb is sore,

from the carving knife!

Wish he'd let me try it too,

You can bet your life!

Our car looks a little weird,

Oh my, oh my!

Glad it doesn't have to be steered,

Oh my, time to go!

Now it's racing down the track,

Hurry, Hurry!

We're close to the finish line,

Hurry up and pass!

Shape Up

April 1994

Toughen Up

(Tune: Clementine)

Do a push up, do a pull up,

Do a 30 yard run.

We build muscles as we hustle,

All the time we're having fun.

Running broad jump, do a high jump.

Throw the ball way out of sight,

Lift bar bells with all your might.

Watch 'em flexing, watch 'em bulging,

Watch our muscles growing strong.

Building muscles in our backyard,

That will last a whole life long.

A Stretching We Will Go

(Tune: A hunting we will go)

This is an action song.

A-stretching we will go,

Moving to and fro.

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