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Indian Nations CouncilThe Greatest Show on Earth

Picking Up Litter

(Tune: I've been working on the Railroad)

I've been pickin' up the litter,

All the live long day.

I've been pickin' up the litter,

Just to have a place to play.

Can't you see the litter basket,

Sitting on the sidewalk there?

Every little bit will help us,

If you just show you care.

Won't you pick it up?

Won't you pick it up?

Won't you pick it up today, today?

Help us clean it up,

Help us clean it up,

Help clean up the U S A.

This Land Is Your Land

This land is your land.

This land is my land.

From Cal-i-for-nia,

To the New York Is-land.

From the Red wood for-est,

To the Gulf Stream wa-ters,

This Land was made for you and me.

As I went walking,

That Ribbon of highway.

I saw above me that endless skyway.

I saw below me that golden valley.

This land was made for you and me.

I roamed and rambled,

and I followed by footsteps,

To the sparkling sands of her diamond deserts.

All around me a voice was sounding,

This land was made for you and me.

Fly Your Flag

(Tune: Row your boat)

Fly, fly, fly your flag,

On our holidays,

Be a loyal citizen,

In this and other ways.

Buckskin Pioneers

July 1994

Cub Scout Indians

(Tune: On top of Old Smokey)

Down in the basement,

Of the den leader's house,

The Cub Scouts were working,

As still as a mouse.

They made bows and arrows,

And headdresses, too.

They were going to be Indians,

Creek, Blackfoot and Sioux.

They painted their headbands,

In red, green and blue,

And some of the Cub Scouts,

Had painted arms, to..

they made shields and breechcloths,

And moccasins too.

And a big Indian Tepee,

Large enough to walk through.

Pack meeting night came.

They arrived on the scene,

All dressed up like Indians,

Painted red, blue and green.

They danced and sang war chants,

Around the campfire,

They had an Indian contest,

No one seemed to tire.

The room was all filled,

With excitement and noise.

No one could believe,

Those wild Indians were boys.

When the wild Indians got home,

The parents all said,

They were glad that their boys,

Were now Cub Scouts instead.

Akela's Council

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