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Tricks And Stunts

You'll be amazed at these tricks that you can show your Cubs at very little expense to you, as most of the materials needed can easily be found around the house.

One suggestion: As with anything you prepare for den meetings, try these tricks first so you understand and accomplish them so as not to disappoint your Cubs.

Float A Needle

You can float a needle in a glass of water if you first put a piece of tissue paper on top of the water and carefully lay the needle on top of it.  The paper will sink and the needle will remain floating.

Bouncing Buttons

Stir a teaspoon of soda into a glass of water. Drop in some buttons of different sizes.  Pour in as much vinegar as it takes to make the buttons bounce to the top.  The bubbles of carbon dioxide, which are lighter than water, lift the buttons.  When they reach the surface, the carbon dioxide keeps going and the buttons sink back to collect more.  They will bounce up and down for quite a while.  Add more vinegar when they slow down.

Lasso An Icecube

You will need:

Glass of water

Ice Cubes

Cotton thread

Salt shaker on table

Tie a 1 or 2 inch loop in the end of a piece of thread.  Ask the boys if they can lasso an icecube and remove it from the glass,

Fizzical Toes

Have each boy remove one shoe and one sock. Then give each boy three marbles. Without using their hands in any way, the boys are to lift and carry each of their marbles with their toes from the starting point to another point. The first to get all three marbles to the finish line wins.  (when first using this stunt, have the finish line nearby so the boys don't get discouraged. Each time you use the stunt with the same group of boys, though, be sure to move the finish line further away as they will be able to do this quite quickly)

Invisible Ink

Materials needed: Juice of half a lemon, a Q-Tip, a lamp and white paper.

Dissolve the lemon juice in a small amount of water and dip the swab into it. Then use the swab to write a message on ordinary white paper.  When it dries, the writing will be invisible! When you want to read the message, heat the paper by holding it near a light bulb and your message will appear on the page in black.

Knot Trick

Materials needed: A string about 20 inches long.

Place a string on a table and challenge your friends to hold one end of the string in each hand and tie a knot - without letting go of the string.

Now you can sit back and watch them struggle.  No matter how hard they try, they won't be able to tie a knot without releasing at least one hand.

Now you demonstrate how to do it.  Cross your arms, bend over the string and grab the ends in your hands. As you straighten up, by uncrossing your arms you will have tied a perfect overhand knot!

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