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Competitive Pair Stunts

Kneel Knock - Boys kneel, facing each other. Each tries to knock the other off balance, using only the shoulders. First man down loses.

Elbow Wrestle - Each boy tries to force his opponent to the ground without moving the elbow.

Chest Touch - Each man resists opponent's right hand as he tries to touch chest.

Twister - Boy rotates 1-inch dowel back and forth as fast as he can and as far as possible in each direction. This develops wrists and forearms.

Seal Crawl - In push-up position, boy walks forward using only his arms (instep of foot on ground, toes dragging). Body is straight, head is up.

Bubble Mix Recipes

Here are several recipes to experiment for bubble blowing. They differ partly because soap (powders) and detergents (Liquids) vary in strength. Try several and decide on a favorite.

Dishwashing liquid detergent usually works well.

Use at least one part soap to 8 to 10 parts warm water for a normal mix.  For example, 1 tablespoon of soap for every 1/2 cup of water or 1/2 cup of soap to 5 cups of water.

A larger proportion of soap to water makes larger bubbles.

More detergent than water creates giant bubbles.

Add sugar or gelatin powder to get longerlasting bubbles. Bubbles burst when they dry out.  These substances slow down the evaporation of water that causes the drying out.  Try 1 part sugar or gelatin to 1 part soap and 6 parts water.

Bubble Hints

¥ Save clean jars of different sizes to hold various bubble mixes.

¥ Stir gently so as not to whip up soapsuds.

¥ Slowly pour water into detergent/soap.

¥ Let bubble mix stand for a day or two, if possible.

¥ Put the bubble mix in the refrigerator for a few minutes before using it. Your bubbles will last longer!

¥ For best results, blow bubbles on a rainy or humid day. Because there is moisture in the air, they will last longer.

Make Your Own Bubble Blowers

There are many types of bubble blowers to be made from things around your house.

Try some of these:

¥ A frozen juice can with both ends removed.

¥ A cut away plastic bottle.

¥ A funnel.

¥ A soda straw.

You can blow two bubbles with one bubble blower by cutting 4 slits about 2/3" long at BOTH ends of a plastic drinking straw. Bend the cut strips outward. Make a small slit in the middle of the straw, and bend it at the slit. You have now created a two-ended bubble pipe.  Dip one end into mix and blow into the middle slit.  You'll get a bubble.  Blow a second bubble by dipping the other end of pipe into the mix and blowing through middle again.  Then seal the slit in the middle of t he bubble pipe by covering it with your fingers.  When you blow the second bubble, the first one gets larger and when the opening is sealed, the smaller second bubble gets even smaller while the first one gets still larger.

Fun With Color

Materials needed: a strip of paper towel or newspaper, a green felt tipped pend or a drop of green food dye , a jar or glass filled with 1" of water and a spring type clothes pin.

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