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The Greatest Show on EarthIndian Nations Council


A speedy spider spied a spider on a spindly spider's back.

(Chorus: same as above)

One hedge hog edged up on the hedge while another hedgehog edged down.

(Chorus: They were only playing hedge hop)

One fleet fly flew up the flue while another fleet fly flew down.

(Chorus: They were only playing flu fly)

One sly snake slid up the stake while another sly snake slid down.

(Chorus: They were only playing serpent)

One big black bear backed into a bush while another big black bear backed down.

(Chorus: They were only playing bear back)

One tiny turtle tumbled into the tank while another tiny turtle tumbled out.

(Chorus: They were only playing tip tank)

One tall turkey tore up the tree while another tall turkey tore down.

(Chorus: They were only playing tree tag)

One fat frog flopped on the float while another fat frog flopped down.

(Chorus: They were only playing frog float)

One speedy fat bear tumbled into the stake while another sly fleet turkey flopped down.

(Chorus: That's the way we sing in Cub Scouts)


There are many different kinds of audience participation stunts which can serve to get the whole audience involved in doing something together. Some kinds serve the purpose of letting people stand and take a stretch by going through motions under the direction of a leader. Others are in the form of a story, with either worthwhile points or just plain fun.

Remember the key word is INVOLVEMENT. The more people who are involved, the more fun it will be for everyone. Stunts add variety, action and fun.

Buzzer Bee

Have the group pair off. On signal, each person is to look his partner in the eye and start buzzing.  Continue until one laughs or has to take a breath.  Each winner finds another winner until one person is the "Champion Bee."

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