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The Greatest Show on EarthIndian Nations Council

2nd Cub: "How"

3rd Cub: "Like this!"       

Ez Does It!

Can U read these? Some R very EZ and same R craZ!

1. IV, LC, LN, KT, and RT 8 canD B4 dinner.

2. LC wants 2 B N avE8R.

3. Cats N K99 R NMEE.

4. R U A N OT boy?

5. F U R MT, eat NapL.

6. POT oooooooooo grow big N IOA.

7. Who is this and where does he live?




8. The restaurant owner said:

" I C U O o4 U 80"

9. XQQ me 4 Tsing U.


  (Ivy, Elsie, Ellen Kate and Artie ate candy before dinner.)

  (Elsie wants to be an aviator)

  (Cats and canines are enemies)

  (Are you a naughty boy?)

  (If you are empty, eat an apple.)

  (Potatoes grow big in Iowa)

  (John Underhill, Andover, ME.(Maine))

  (I see you owe nothing for you ate nothing)

  (Excuse me for teasing you)

Community Sneeze

While seated, the group is divided into three sections. The leader then asks the first section to say together "HISH" two or three times for practice. The second section "HASH" and the third section "HOSH".  Then he asks the first section to add "EE" as in "HISHEE", the second section "HASHEE", the third "HOSHEE". The leader then tells the group to say their word in unison at his signal. The ensuing sound is like an enormous sneeze.

Same Song

Get partners. Have slips of paper paired, with names of familiar songs on them.  Each person gets a slip and wanders around the room, humming or singing his song until he finds the other who is humming or singing the same song.

Audience Participation Stunts

These stunts gives the audience an opportunity to stand up and move about a bit and stretch  In this type of audience participation stunt the leader reads the narration and the audience performs what the narrator says. If desired, one or two leaders can stand beside the narrator and lead the audience in the motions.

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