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Indian Nations CouncilThe Greatest Show on Earth


Try this as an icebreaker or a seat-relaxer. Everyone imitates the actions of the leader as he tells the story.

The traveler stood up;

He looked to the north,

Then looked to the south

Then to the east,

And to the west.

He then turned around and faced the north;

Then he faced west,

Then he turned to the south.

And turned to face the east

Then stood on tiptoes to see over his neighbor's shoulder..but he could see nothing.

So he sat down.

The Exerciser

The exerciser stood up tall,

And stretched his arms from wall to wall,

He put his hands way up high,

Then down again beside each thigh.

He put his chin upon his chest,

Then he pulled it far back, his neck to rest.

Then he reached down and touched to the ground,

And then he turned himself once around.

Then with his hands he touched his feet,

And then quietly he took his seat.

A To Z Audience Participation Stunt

Letter 26 cards with the letters of the alphabet.  The cards are then handed out to the audience and they are to put a word on the card beginning with the letter on the card.  These they keep. During the meeting the Cubmaster tells a story. As he pauses the member of the audience reads off the word on his card, first A, then B, C, all the way to Z. There will be some unusual results.

The other day I saw A and B walking down the C. I said D to them but they didn't say E. F I said and ran after G. Again I yelled H. This time they heard me.  When they stopped, I saw they had I and a J with them.  "we can't talk now, we are going to the K with this and L is waiting for it. So I said good bye and got in my R to go S. When I got there, I found I had lost my T. Then I knew it was going to be a bad U. So I picked up my V, W, and X, said so long to my Y and got on my Z and left.


Cheers And Applauses Spice Up Your Meetings!

Applause stunts are a great way to recognize a person or den for some accomplishment they have performed. Be sure before you start that everyone knows and understands what the applause stunt is and how to do it.  Applause stunts not only can be used as recognition, but they liven up a meeting. They give the audience a chance to move around and let off steam.


Put hands up like holding a telescope and shout "LAND HO!"

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