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Indian Nations CouncilThe Greatest Show on Earth

Squat down and tuck hands into arm pits forming wings, "Duck walk" saying "QUACK,QUACK,QUACK".


Make arms go back and forth and say "CHUG A CHUG A" pull on whistle and say "WHOOOO WHOOOO WHOOOO".


Pat bottom of bottle (left hand), then the third time the ketchup comes out all over "BLLLLGGGG".


Stomp feet three times. Beat chest three times, Give Indian war whoop with hand over mouth.


Hold Cub Scout sign behind head like feathers. Say "UGH". Lean forward from waist and say "UGH" again. Leap into air, extending Cub Scout sign high into air.

Audience Participation

Children get tired of always being told to KEEP QUIET! A sound effects skit, in which each one takes a different sound, gives them a chance to be loud.  This kind of stunt can also be performed by the audience, divided into groups, and is a good way to liven up a banquet or let off steam before beginning a more serious program.

Assign the parts to various sections of the group and let them practice their sound once.  The narrator reads the story and indicates with a nod or pause when the sound is to be made.  When he begins speaking again, they are to stop.

Some participation stories give the boys a chance to follow the leader and also let off a lot of steam which seems to be really bottled up in them during a pack meeting. If a leader practices ahead of time he can have alot of fun with the boys doing this. It might help to write the words on a 3x5 card with key words to remind you of the proper actions to do. You might want to get several other leaders or parents up front to lead the boys in actions while one leader reads the words.

A Trip Through Santa's Workshop


Say boys, we've had a special invitation from old Santa himself to come up and visit his toy shop at the North Pole. However, he told me that we must make our trip through as quietly as possible so as not to disturb the elves or the toys but the toys really come to life when they see visitors so if any of them spot us, we may have to pretend we're one of them and also the elves get very nervous when they have to pretend we're one of them and also the elves get very nervous when they see people around so when I tell you to do something so as not to give our visit away to the elves or toys you just follow me and do as I do and we'll make it through without too much disturbance. So listen and watch closely.

Come let's follow Santa,

(Narrator motions for everyone to do as he does. Everyone pretends to be walking while standing still)

On a trip through his toy shop.

But since the Hour's late,

we can't take the time to stop.

(Everyone holds finger to lips and hump over pretending to sneak by)

SHHHHH, the Jack-in-box,

in his box is sound asleep.

So come on quietly,

and past him we will creep.

Look there's the dancing ballerina

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