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The Greatest Show on EarthIndian Nations Council

(points with finger ahead)

Standing on one toe.

Oh, no, she saw us,

so around and around we must go.

(Hold one hand over head and go around and around several times). Boy now that ordeal is over,

let's continue on our way,

(Start walking in place)

we want to see some more,

but very long we cannot stay.

Look over there to the right,

(Shade eyes with hand, point to right)

Back in that corner dark,

I think that I can see,

ever so small a spark.

(Pretends to quietly sneak up on something).

Oh, it's an elf I see,

Building a rudolph toy,

Oh, oh, he sees us,

Pretend you're not a boy

(Cup hand over nose to simulate Rudolph's large nose while saying blink, blink, blink)

Wheew that was a close call,

(Wipes brow with hand)

But we fooled him I guess,

We'd better follow Santa

(Start walking in place)

Before we get into a mess.

(continue walking)

Oh, Santa has stopped again,

(Stop walking and hold up hand in halt sign)

I wonder what he sees,

Oh, oh, I think I'm going to sneeze!

(hold finger across under nose while saying AAAAA CHOOOO!)

Oh, my goodness that did it,

Come we better run

(All start running in place)

We better get out of here,

Or it won't be such fun!

Come on and blink your nose

(all do as before while running in place)

As past the rudolphs we run,

Just to make the elf,

Think that we are one.

There's the ballerina,

Dancing on her toe,

Let's twirl around once

(all twirl as before only once around then continue running)

So past here we can go.

Oh, oh, here's the Jack-in-the-box,

Let's get down low and crouch

(get down low and sneak quietly by)

Here he comes out with a B-O-I-N-G!

(All shout boing as they spring up high in air and then back down in chair)

Now we're back home on the couch!

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