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The Greatest Show on EarthIndian Nations Council

beech and walnut to help him.  "When you get tired, little brother," whispered the great pine tree softly, "I will make you a bed. My cousins, the balsam and cedar will help me."

There was sunshine in the heart of Man as he set out to explore his world.  But soon he came to a deep, wide river. "How shall I ever cross the river?" asked Man. The trees laughed and laughed. "Take my white skin", said the birch. "Sew it together with the muscles of the elm tree and you can make a boat that will carry you across the widest river."

But when the Sun had crossed the sky to his lodge in the west, Man felt cold.  Then the balsam fir tree whispered to him: "Little brother, there is much sunfire in my heart. Rub my branches together and you will make fire."  So man made fire. And that night he slept soundly on the branches of the great pine tree. The North Wind blew cold, but there was sunshine in the heart of Man.

When Indian children asked how they could repay their friends, the trees, the wise men answered:  "They do not ask for payment. But you can give them care and attention. You can give love and care to every plant and flower that makes life beautiful."

Gathering Time Activities

Getting the meeting off to a good start often depends on the little things..the greeting at the door (or the lack of it);the activity involving people as they arrive (or the lack of it); the opening song or ice breaker (or the lack of it.) These are the little things that put SPARKLE and PUNCH into pack meetings and give a touch of spice that adds to one's enjoyment.

Any gathering of your den or pack can be made or marred in the first 15 minutes while the group is gathering.  If ice is permitted to form at the beginning, valuable time and effort must be spent in thawing out.  Simple preliminary games and contests that almost run themselves are necessary as ice-breakers.

These activities include dramatics, tricks, ice-breakers, and even nonsensical recreations in which everyone in the audience joins the leader.  Such stunts can be used in the meeting to enliven it at moments when the interest seems to be waning or when there is a lag between the staging of stunts by dens.

Gathering Activities can be used in many ways.  They may be used before the den or pack meeting starts, or as a get to know each other.

Make A Square

The purpose of this game is to see which of the players can complete the most squares. Play rotates, with each player being allowed to draw one line that connects two adjacent dots only. If the two dots complete a square, that player should initial that square and draw another line.  As long as a player completes a box, that player gets another turn.  When all of the boxes have been completed, the game is over and the player with his initials in the most boxes wins.

Seeing Is Believing - Or Is It ?

Which is longer, the distance from the top of the hat to the base or the distance from one end of the brim to the other?

Which line segment is longer, AB OR CD?

Things To Sit On

Circle each answer

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