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Cub Scout dens and Webelos dens will be called upon to present skits at the pack meeting. This can be a pantomime, a sketch, or a short play. The main purpose of skits is fun for the boys and the audience. Skits help build self-confidence and poise and allow the boy to use his imagination.

Skits are usually based on a monthly theme. A Webelos den skit might focus around the monthly activity badge area. There will be a chance for planning, rehearsing, and making props and costumes in den meetings, with the final presentation at the pack meeting.

A shy boy, who would rather just observe than take part in the skit, can be asked to handle the lights, offstage sound effects, or watch the time. Sometimes being a character who wears a mask or uses puppets helps eliminate self-consciousness in a shy boy.

Things to Remember

Skits should be fun.  Whether the theme is serious or humorous, skits should be fun for the boys and for the audience.

¥ Keep is simple.

¥ Keep is short. (3-5 minutes at the most)

¥ Avoid long memorized dialogue. Pantomimes are great for Cubs.

¥ Use simple scenery, props, costumes.

¥ Let every boy take part.

¥ Use stage directions liberally - tell who goes where and does what.

¥ Be sure the  audience can hear. Boys should be coached to speak slowly, clearly, loudly. If the audience laughs or applauds, actors should pause before continuing their lines.

Things to Avoid

¥ Dramatization of undesirable characters.

¥ Asking a boy to attempt to portray a character that is too difficult for him. Fit each boy to his part.

¥ The tendency to let the more capable boys do all the work.

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