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Indian Nations CouncilThe Greatest Show on Earth

Tempera can also be used to tint latex when the desired shade is not available.

Always keep in mind that the audience will see scenery from a distance. Be sure it is distinctive enough.

Create a mood with scenery. Paint in grays if skit is spooky or sad, bright colors if skit is happy or funny.

Boys should use old clothes or Dad's old shirt for paint smocks.



Puppeteering appeals to boys of all ages. It allows them to be creative and provides an outlet for their active imagination. Puppets can help overcome stuttering, strengthen weak muscles, relieve tensions, develop coordination, overcome inhibitions in a shy boy, teach a noisy boy patience, and encourage the less imaginative boy.

Puppets are magical in their powers. They can come alive and can do things faster and better than people. They can exaggerate their moods and actions. Sometimes a boy is too shy to perform in a skit with live actors, but by using puppets, he can express himself in a more comfortable way.

Puppet-making can be an inexpensive venture in which paper bags, old socks, left-over scrap materials, or wooden spoons are used. There are many ideas for puppet-making available at the library and in many craft books.

Many of the techniques learned in skits can be used in puppeteering.

Types of Puppets

The best known types of puppets are operated in one of the following ways:

Marionettes - operated by manipulation strings.

Hand of Glove Puppets - operated by the hand of fingers.

Shadow Puppets - shown as silhouettes back lighted against a screen.

Pointers for Puppeteers

The most important part of the puppet is the head. This gives it Êcharacter.

Next in importance is the costume. It helps distinguish on puppet from another and helps to give character  Êto your creation.

The presence and style of hair, brows, mustaches, and beards contribute to the personality.

To learn the possibilities and limitations of your little friends practice in front of a mirror.

Puppets can be more appealing if given a definite personality and character. This can be done by costume, Êmannerisms, method of walking, or style of talking. Each puppet in the play should act and speak Êaccording to the kind of person he represents.

When presenting a puppet show, keep the actions clear, simple and exaggerated.

Make sure there is plenty of room for all puppeteers backstage. Crowding will inhibit spontaneity.

Any skit can be adapted to a puppet play and vice versa.

Facial features of your puppet will help make him outstanding in appearance. Give your puppet a face that will attract attention.

Make sure the audience can tell which puppet is doing the talking. Jiggle the talking puppet somewhat as he talks, nod his head or move slightly forward. The other puppets on stage should remain motionless until Êtheir turn to speak.

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