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That last when Christmas gifts are gone.

Santa Knows About Rudolph's Nose

Characters:Santa Clause; 6 Elves (wearing Santa hats made from red crepe paper); Rudolph (wearing cardboard or paper band around head with horns attached.)

Scene:Santa sitting in an easy chair by fireplace reading newspaper. It is Christmas Eve.

Elf 1:(Comes running to where Santa is sitting and breathlessly says:) Oh Santa, come here.  Bad news I must tell.  Rudolph's nose is all frozen.  Not a thing can he smell!

Elf 2:(Running in as other elf exits.) Hey Santa, listen here, while sad news I tell you.  Poor Rudolph's nose is cold and it's turning all blue.

Elf 3:(Hurrying in as 2nd elf leaves.)  Oh Santa, I've come to tell of Rudolph's plight.  He has a cold in his nose that has put out his light!

Elf 4:(Follows 3rd, etc.) Santa, Oh Santa!  I'm sorry to tell. Rudolph's nose is all warm and he doesn't feel well!

Elf 5:(Same as above) There's something I must say, but I'd really rather not.  You see, poor Rudolph has a nose that's very hot!

Elf 6:(Same) Santa, please come!  See Rudolph's burned nose!  It's all black like charcoal, not red like a rose!

(After all elves have entered, spoken their parts and left, then Rudolph comes in and Santa holds up his hand to keep him from speaking.)

Santa:(While Rudolph hangs his head.) No!  Don't say anything, but please let me guess.  Your friends were all lying, so you've come to confess. I knew all the time that it was only a plot. For how could your nose be both cold and hot?

Rudolph:Well you see, Santa Claus, I was feeling quite low, and decided on our trip I didn't want to go.  But now I've learned a lesson. The truth is always best. It could have saved me from this embarrassing mess!

(Santa pats Rudolph on the head.  Rudolph smiles and scampers off stage.)

Santa's Big Secret

Characters:Santa Claus (Scout uniform under Santa suit), Reporter, Numerous elves (Scout uniforms under jackets).

Scene:Elves are in background working making toys or putting toys in sacks. Santa is directing them when reporter comes out with microphone.

Reporter:This is Scoop Smith the roving reporter for radio station KCUB, on the scene here at Santa's workshop. Santa, may we have a word with you please?

Santa:Oh sure, we're real busy getting ready for our deliveries. What can I do for you?

Reporter:All of our listeners want to know how you got into the gift- giving business. Did your father give gifts or what?

Santa:Well, it all began when I was eight years old...I just started doing good deeds, you know, helping people and such...and it just became a habit.

Reporter:Good deeds, huh, that sounds familiar.  Say, what is that under your jacket?

Santa:That's my best kept secret...(Opens jacket)

Reporter:A Cub Scout Uniform!!!!!!  You're a Cub Scout?

Santa:Yes, well, no.  I WAS a Cub Scout, then a Boy Scout, and then an Explorer.  I wear this uniform to remind me of where it all started...way back years and years ago.  I just loved helping other people and doing good things.

Reporter:Well, that explains your involvement, but how do you get all of these elves to help you?

Santa:Show the man.....(Elves open jackets to show Cub Scout Uniforms.)

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