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Indian Nations CouncilThe Greatest Show on Earth

Hey, tacoma misha waukee.

Hey, tacoma misha waukee.

Aukie tauka oooma, aukie tauka oooma,

Hey diddle, hi diddle, ho diddle, hey.

As the hunters approached the ice floes, they had to search the horizon for signs of the great walrus. But!  Eskimos, they don't search like we do, they search like this: (starting with right hand, place hand on left side of face with palm of hand facing up going across forehead, lean to left with body crossing to right side, reverse hands and go other direction at the end of each verse of chorus when you get to last two verses of chorus do paddling motion from above)


And off in the distance were a herd of walrus or walruses (anyway there was a bunch of them). The hunters finally spotted the walrus off in the distance and the leader pointed them out to the other hunters. But! Eskimos, they don't point like we do, they point like this: (put hand on forehead like above and put other arm thru the loop in first arm, lean body as above, don't forget paddling motion on last two verses of chorus)


The hunters carefully paddled close enough to get a good shot off at the walrus. Each hunter took careful aim and prepared to shoot his walrus. But! Eskimos, they don't shoot like we do, they shoot like this: (put hands together, arms straight out starting at left swing to right then shoot at end of each swing by saying boom while raising arms in the air, reverse directions on each verse, remember to paddle at end, use your imagination while paddling)


Since the Eskimos are very good marksmen, each hunter managed to get his own walrus. They stepped out onto the ice floe and prepared to carry their walrus back to their kayaks. But! Eskimos, they don't carry their walrus the way we do, they carry them like this: (start at left with both hands act like lifting up walrus while moving to right, at top of swing throw down walrus in kayaks, make noise of walrus hitting bottom, remember to paddle.)


The happy eskimos paddled their heavy kayaks back to their village. The villagers waved to the mighty hunters as they approached the shore. But! Eskimos, they don't wave like we do, they wave like this: (place back of right wrist at waist level palm up, wiggle hands up and down while swing as above, remember to paddle)


The hunters were very excited about the reception they received, but they were especially glad to be home to their wives. They all ran to kiss their wives. But! Eskimos, they don't kiss like we do, they kiss like this: (two people face each other with arms held straight out to their sides, while acting like they are rubbing noses, change back and forth with people behind you at each verse, paddle at end)

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