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Indian Nations CouncilThe Greatest Show on Earth

February 1994

Blue And Gold Traditions

Singing Telegram

Characters:Several Cub Scouts with one of them wearing a hat that says "Singing Telegram".

Setting:Stage is bare as skit begins. Telegram Scout walks out first and is joined one by one by the other scouts.

(Telegram Scout walks to center stage and begins to sing "Happy Birthday", but is interrupted after the first few words by Scout #1.)

T. Scout:Happy Birthday to....

Scout #1:Hey, what are you doing? What's going on here?

T. Scout:I'm delivering this singing telegram.

Scout #1:Who to?

T. Scout:If you'd stop interrupting me you'd find out. Happy Birthday to...

Scout #2:What's all the noise, what's going on?

Scout #1:He says he's delivering a singing telegram to somebody but he won't tell me who.

T. Scout:Just be patient and you will find out. Happy Birthday to...

Scout #3:Who's having a birthday...I heard the noise, who is it?

Scout #1:He won't tell us...he says we have to wait...

Scout #2:It's not my birthday, is it one of yours?

Scout #3:Not me!

Scout #1:Not me!

T. Scout:If you'd just wait, you'd find out...Happy Birthday to...

Scout #4:I heard a lot of noise, what's going on?

Scout #1:It's somebody's singing telegram...

Scout #2:And they're having a birthday...

Scout #3:And he won't tell us who it is...

Scout #4:And it's not any of our birthdays.

T. Scout:All right!  All right!  I'll tell you. (Scouts gather round and whisper.)

(All Scouts then turn around and shout Happy Birthday Cub Scouting, it is _______ years old.)

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