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The Greatest Show on EarthIndian Nations Council

Blue And Gold Skit

Setting:The narrator, the spirit of Lord Baden-Powell is a Den Chief in full uniform wearing a campaign hat.  He reads the script from a lectern, while Cub Scouts in uniform come on stage one by one.

Narrator:I represent the spirit of Lord Baden-Powell.  The founder of Boy Scouting.  I am also the spirit of Boy Scouting past and present.  Here is our future...the Cub Scouts of America.

(First boy enters in complete uniform.)

The two colors of the Cub Scout uniform have a meaning.  Blue stands for truth and loyalty; gold for good cheer and happiness.

(Second boy enters carrying Wolf Book and Kipling's "Jungle Book.")

Early Cub Scout ceremonies were based on Kipling's Jungle Tales.  When Cub Scouting was organized in America in 1930.  Indian themes were used.

(Third boy enters with a craft project of wood.)

Cub Scouting means fun.  We have lots of fun.  But most boys like making things...real boy projects...things they can play with or that follow the monthly theme.

(Fourth boy enters carrying a nature collection.)

Cub Scouts like to go on hikes and collect things for their nature collection or the den museum.  They like the outdoors.

(Fifth boy enters carrying a buddy burner.)

Most Cub Scouts like to go on picnics.  All boys like to eat.  It is even more fun when they can cook their own food.

(Sixth boy enters - the smallest Cub Scout - holding the American Flag.)

Cub Scouts are proud to be Americans.  They are proud of their Flag. They are also proud of their pack flag (points to it) because it reminds them they are part of     years of Scouting.  They belong!

Yes, I represent the past and the present.  These boys, Cub Scouts now, are the men of tomorrow.  They will be the preservers of our American heritage.  Please stand and join us in singing "God Bless America".

Happy Birthday Skit

Characters:5 Cub Scouts plus one small Cub Scout.

Props:A 'birthday cake' large enough for the small boy to hide inside.

Cub 1:Well, here we are.  But where is Ed?

Cub 2:I don't know.  It's just like Ed to invite us over for the surprise party and then not be here.

Cub 3:Does anyone know who's birthday we're celebrating?

Cub 4:It isn't mine.  Mine's in April.

Cub 5:Who cares?

Cub 4:I do!  Besides, now that you know when it is, you can save your money and buy me a super present!

Cub 1:Boy!  Will you look at that cake?

Cub 2:Man, that's big enough to feed an army!

Cub 3:Not with Jack around.  You know how he is with our den snacks. He eats everything in sight!

Cub 4:I can't help it.  I'm just a growing boy...just like the Law of the Pack says we should.

Cub 5:Yeah, but we're to grow up...not out!

Cub 1:Look, here's a note.

Cub 2:Read it.  Maybe it will explain what this is all about.

Cub 1:Okay, okay!  (Reads from note.)  We're a gang that's really true, Here to celebrate our   ,

Small Cub:(Jumps out of cake and yells Happy Birthday to us!)

A Very Special Birthday Party

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