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Indian Nations CouncilThe Greatest Show on Earth

Divide audience into four groups to respond with the following:  DEN LEADER--"OH BOY";  CUB DEN 1--"OH BOY, OH BOY";  BIRTHDAY CAKE--"HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU" (SUNG);  BIRTHDAY PARTY--"YIPPEE".

This is a story of a DEN LEADER..., CUB DEN 1..., and a BIRTHDAY CAKE...  One Thursday afternoon, as CUB DEN 1... was meeting at the home of their DEN LEADER..., Mrs. Reid, the boys overheard her on the phone, say "It will be a very special BIRTHDAY PARTY..."

BIRTHDAY PARTY?...they said, to each other, whose BIRTHDAY PARTY...is it?  each asked the other---not mine, said Jimmy.  Nor mine, said Johnny.  Or mine, said Billy.  Maybe, said Mike and Ike, it's Mrs. Reid's, our DEN LEADER....!

Yeah, they chorused.  I know, said Jimmy.  Why don't we give her a BIRTHDAY PARTY... That's a neat idea, said Johnny.  Let's have a BIRTHDAY CAKE..., said Mike and Ike.  Swell, they all said.

So each went home and made special plans for the next den meeting and the special BIRTHDAY PARTY...for their DEN LEADER.

Den Meeting day dawned bright and sunny.  At 3:30 all five boys arrived at their DEN LEADER'S...house.  Mike and Ike brought a BIRTHDAY CAKE... Jimmy brought paper hats.  Johnny brought balloons and Billy brought ice creams for the BIRTHDAY PARTY...

As they trooped in the door, they all yelled surprise!  We're having a BIRTHDAY PARTY...Mrs. Reid, their DEN LEADER....looked shocked.  My BIRTHDAY PARTY?......  Why it's not my birthday.

But we heard you talking about a special BIRTHDAY PARTY...on the phone last week, said Jimmy.  Oh, said their DEN LEADER..., and smiled.  It's Cub Scouting's birthday, she said.  Cub Scouting is 64 years old, this month.  But I think this is a wonderful idea.  We'll just celebrate a little early.

And so they did.  And that is how CUB DEN 1...and their DEN LEADER...had a very special BIRTHDAY PARTY!.....

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