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The Greatest Show on EarthIndian Nations Council

March 1994

Wheels, Wings, Rudders

Things That Go

This is a question and answer skit.  Two sets of answers are given and should be used according to whether you wish the skit to be serious or silly.  A Cub Scout can read each riddle and another Cub Scout may answer, or the audience can be asked to guess the answers.

1.I can run fast.  I have four legs.  My fuel is oats.  Last year a friend of mine won the Kentucky Derby.  What am I?

A.  A horse.  B.  2 oatmeal eating Cub Scouts who have horse for friends.

2.I run on boy power.  I run on the streets, never on sidewalks.  I have 2 wheels.  I have spokes and pedals.  What am I?

A.  A bicycle.  B.  Two unicycles.

3.I have 4 wheels.  I usually have an air coiled rear engine.  You can spot me on sight.  I run on sand.  What am I?

A.  A dune buggy.  B.  A Volkswagen that ran off the road in the desert.

4.I have 2 wheels.  I have a roll bar.  My pedals are as high as the seat.  I have a lot of chrome.  What am I?

A.  Motorcycle.  B.  2 "souped-up unicycles."

5.I have a horn.  I have two bright eyes.  I have four wheels.  I run on the street.  What am I?

A.  A car.  B.  A unicorn on wheels on a highway.

6.My horn goes "toot-toot".  My engine goes "choo-choo."  I don't always have the same number of parts.  What am I?

A.  A train.  B.  A Cadillac with a problem.

7.I fly through the air with the greatest of ease.  I have a nose and 2 big wings.  What am I?

A.  A plane.  B.  A trapeze artist with wings.

8.Sometimes I am self-propelled.  Sometimes you have to help me.  I skim over the water, in various speeds.  What am I?

A.  A boat.  B.  A beginning water-skier.

9.I could go right through your ceiling if I could fit in your house. I'm going to the moon to find me some cheese.  What am I?

A.  A rocket.  B.  A 2-ton hungry mouse.

Saved By The Dinner Bell

Characters:8 boys in a lifeboat.

Props:If a lifeboat is not available, the scene must be set by a narrator.  As the scene opens, we find boys from Den drifting at sea in a lifeboat.

Boy 1:We are sure lucky to get this lifeboat.

Boy 2:Yeah, it saved our lives.

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