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Indian Nations CouncilThe Greatest Show on Earth

Boy 3:How long have we been out here?

Boy 4:Seems like a week.

Boy 5:(Looking at his watch.) Three days, two nights, six and a half hours and thirty seconds.

Boy 6:Hope we get rescued soon.  I'm getting hungry.

Boy 7:Let's go swimming.

Boy 8:Better not, there might be sharks out there.

Boy 1:Or some weird sea monster.

Boy 2:And they get hungry, too.

Boy 3:Wouldn't it be great to find some deserted island like Robinson Crusoe did?

Boy 4:Yeah, and we could do what we wanted to?

Boy 5:Just think, an island of our very own.  No freeways or pollution.  No school or homework!

All Boys:Yeah!

Boy 7:What would we do for television?

(Mother's voice off at a distance:  "Johnny!....")

Boy 6:Did you hear that?  Sounds like someone calling me.

(Mother's voice, a little louder:  "Johnny...")

Boy 6:It's my mom.  Guess, it's dinner time.  Well, I've got to go. See you all tomorrow.  (Boy steps out of the boat and exits.)

Boy 8:Guess I'd better go, too.  It's getting late. (Boy exits.)

Boy 7:Me, too! See you later, (Boy exits.)

Sky Diving

Props:Plane out of cardboard or three chairs.  Signs saying 3000 ft., 2000 ft., 1000 ft., 500 ft., two backpacks for parachutes.  Boy in cock pit flying plane.  Instructor and pupil with parachutes in back seats. 1st Cub walks by with sign saying 3000 ft.

Instructor:"Pull your rip cord when I say."  (They jump out of plane and act like they are free falling.)

Pupil:Now Sir?  (Second Cub enters carrying a sign saying 2000 ft.)

Instructor:Not yet.  (Third Cub enters carrying a sign saying 1000 ft.)


Instructor:Wait!  (Fourth Cub enters carrying a 500 ft. sign.)

Instructor:(Pulls his ripcord.) Now pull the rip cord, now!

Pupil:(Shrugging.) No need to now. I can jump from here!

Gone Fishing

Three boys sitting on a bench or chairs in the front of the room.  The two boys on outside have fishing poles, the one in the middle is reading a newspaper.  Boys with lines act like they are fishing.

Cub 1:Sure haven't been catching much.

Cub 3:I haven't even had a nibble.

Policeman:(walks on from offstage.)  What are you guys doing?

Cub 1:Fishing, sir.

Policeman:Can't you tell this is a pack meeting?

Cub 3:No, it's a pond!

Policeman:(nudges man with paper and he lowers it)  Do you know these two characters?

Cub 2:(folds newspaper)  Sure, they are my friends.

Policeman:In that case, you'd better get them out of here.

Cub 2:Yes, sir.  (reaching behind chair, picks up a paddle and acts as if he is paddling away.)

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