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Indian Nations CouncilThe Greatest Show on Earth

Bill:A curve ball.

Bud:O.K. a curve ball. There! (light moves in a fancy curve. Cheer)

Bill:A knuckle ball.

Bud:O.K. a knuckle ball. There! (light moves in a zig zag line. Cheer.)

Bill:How about a sinker?

Bud:O.K. here comes a sinker. There! (light glides along waist- high, then drops into mit. Cheer.)

Grossman:Pardon me sir. I have heard about your split ball. Could you please show us?

Bud:Certainly. A split ball. There! (The two flashlights start together. They seem to separate, one high, one low on the screen. Then just as they near Shorty, they come together.)

Every one cheers, pats Bud on the back as they all exit.

The Den _______ Title Holders

Boys come onto stage and speak in unison:

We all excel in Feats of Skill,

Some of us hold titles you see.

Just listen to us dear friends,

And that we're skillful you'll agree.

One boy steps out of line toward audience and says:

I hold the title,

Of strongest boy in my den.

Do you really think,

It's because of my friend?

(As this boy says the first line, other boys take clothespins out of pockets and place on noses.  Then as boy says second line, he takes a toy skunk from behind him and holds it up for audience to see.)

Another boy steps out of line and says:

I'm called the muscle man

Of my den this year.

I guess it's all here,

Right between each ear!

(As boy says last line, he takes a much-too-small hat from behind his back and tries desperately to fit it on his head.)

Another boy steps out of line and says:

I hold the title

Of the fastest of all;

It's because I'm always first

When it's time for chow call!

(As boy says the last line, he takes a handful of cookies out of his pocket and starts eating them.)

Another boy steps forward and says:

In magic I'm skillful

As you will soon see;

We'll all disappear

As we count to three.

(Boy takes a magician's hat from behind him and puts it on.)

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