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Indian Nations CouncilThe Greatest Show on Earth

June 1994

Strong For America

The Great Seal

Scene:Group of Cub Scouts are talking.

1st Cub:Bet you never heard of the Great Seal of the United States.

2nd Cub:You lose. I certainly have heard of it.

1st Cub:Okay. I'll bet you don't know where to find a picture of it.

2nd Cub:You win. Where?

1st Cub:On a dollar bill. Look. (Holds up dollar bill.)

2nd Cub:You mean the picture of George Washington?

1st Cub:No, turn the bill over and look at the two circular designs.

2nd Cub:That's the Great Seal? Why are there two designs?

1st Cub:That's the front and back of the Great Seal, like the front and back side of a coin.

3rd Cub:What do the designs mean?

1st Cub:First there is the eagle. That's our national symbol. The shield over the eagle's breast has 13 strips.

4th Cub:For the 13 original states?

1st Cub:Right!

5th Cub:(Looking at bill.)  What's the eagle holding in his beak?

1st Cub:It's a ribbon with the words "E pluribus unum" which is Latin for "one from many".

4th Cub:Meaning one nation from many states?

1st Cub:Right!

3rd Cub:What's the eagle holding in his claws?

2nd Cub:I know. There is an olive branch, the symbol of peace, with 13 leaves.

4th Cub:And he's holding 13 arrows in the other claw, which means that we intend to defend our freedom.

1st Cub:Do you know why the eagle is facing right?

2nd Cub:It means that peace is right.  Peace is first.

3rd Cub:What does the pyramid mean?

1st Cub:The pyramid is a symbol of strength and lasting power.  But notice that it's flat on top - unfinished. That means the nation is unfinished. We still have a big job ahead.

4th Cub:What is that triangular eye above the pyramid?

5th Cub:I think it represents God watching over us.

3rd Cub:Gosh, I never realized there was so much crammed into the Great Seal.

1st Cub:And I'll bet you never realized it was right on a $1 bill.

Constitution Skit

Scene:Philadelphia, 1787

Characters:Narrator, 4 Cub Scouts in colonial dress, some extra Scouts.

Narrator:"While it's true that our constitution was written by truly great men, it still took 11 years to finish.  Lets look in on some of these men as they go about their work.  Here comes Ben Franklin and Samuel Adams."

Sam:"Let's have pizza tonight."

Ben:"I don't like pizza.  How about tacos?"

Sam:"But I don't like tacos. Let's have hamburgers."

Ben:"We always have burgers."

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