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The Greatest Show on EarthIndian Nations Council

(The two walk off stage still arguing.)

Narrator:(flustered) "Simply a difference of opinion, ladies and gentlemen. Don't worry, they'll work it out. Look there's Thomas Jefferson and John Adams."

John:"I tell you the Yankees are the best!"

Tom:"No way, it's gonna be the Braves this year."

Narrator:"Wait a minute you two, are you talking about baseball."

Tom and John:"Yes!"

Narrator:"Baseball hasn't been invented yet!"

John and Tom:"OH!" and then walk off arguing about football.

Narrator:"I don't know what's going on here.  Wait, they're gathered together! Now what are they arguing about?"

(The four Scouts plus the extras are gathered around a table.....)

Tom:"At least we agree on something...The Constitution of the United States!"

Hans And Franz

Props:Box with a lever sticking out of it.  Costumes of weight lifters. Cover over sign on box that says "Voting Booth".

Hans:I'm Hans.

Franz:And I'm Franz.

Both:And we're here to (clap) pump you up! (Point to audience.)

Hans:We have a lever to pull here today.

Franz:Ya, and we aren't no weakling men, we will have no trouble pulling it.

Hans:Hear us today, remember us next week, and understand what we do next year. Let's pull the lever, Franz.  (Both try but cannot pull the lever.)

Boy 1:(Walks on stage, pulls lever down and pushes back up.) Having some trouble pulling the lever down?

Franz:No problem, we were just checking the tension.

Hans:Ya, we'll show you now! (Try again and fail.)

Boy 2:(Walks on stage and pulls lever and pushes it back up.)

Franz:Hey, how did he do that?

Boy 3:It's easy. Anyone can do it.

Hans:You tink so?

Franz:Third time's a charm. (Try again and again cannot do it.)

Boy 3:(Walks on and pulls lever and pushes back.) This is easy, but pulling the lever has little to do with strength. You see (removes sign cover) all you have to be is a registered voter to do it.

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