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The Greatest Show on EarthIndian Nations Council

Davy Crockett Skit

Characters:Announcer, 6 Cub Scouts in Davy Crockett costumes; 7th Cub in dress clothes and wearing a coon skin cap.

Announcer:Tonight we bring you the story of a famous American, Davy Crockett - a brave and powerful man. Raised in the woods of green Tennessee, he soon learned to know and name every tree.

Cub 1:He learned to know the critters, from the Possum to the Bear, wait until you hear what he did with just a stare!

Cub 2:He scared a coon right out of a tree with just a grin and a big old stare. He tried it on a bear, but the bear wouldn't scare, so he challenged him to a fist fight and won him fair and square!

Cub 3:A streak of lightning Davy mounted; all the stars he named and counted. He caught the tail of a passing comet, and put a piece of sunrise in his pocket.

Cub 4:Davy was caught between a panther and a bear, so you see he couldn't use just a simple little stare. He aimed "Old Betsy" at a rock between the two - the bullet split that rock and left a trail of blazing blue.  One piece of rock killed the panther, the other demolished the bear. A mighty combination - "Old Betsy" and Davy's stare!

Cub 5:Davy was a fighter honest, brave and true; but fighting, it was told to me, always made him blue.  A treaty was signed. Davy helped make the peace.  And in that land, fighting did cease.

Cub 6:This is a fine country. It's worth fighting for. Guess I'll head for the fort called Alamo, where the Texans are fighting for liberty.

Announcer:Folks liked Davy's way of doing things. They thought Davy ought to be a congressman and help run the country.,  The critters seemed to think so too.  Even the crickets all chirped, "Crockett for Congress!  Crockett for Congress!"  In the nation's capitol, Congressman Crockett made this speech:

Cub 7:I'm Davy Crockett, fresh from the backwoods. I'm half horse, half alligator, and a little bit tetched with snappin' turtle. I got the fastest horse, the prettiest sister, the surest rifle, and the ugliest dog in Tennessee.


American Folk Tale Skit

Narrator:America's history is full of colorful characters. I'm sure you've heard of many that you couldn't even begin to count them. But we also know that much of our country's history wasn't written down until many years had passed. Memories fade as time goes by. Now...we're not calling our historians liars...but...things were not always the way they told us. Take, for instance, the burro express rider.

Rider:(enters pulling the burro) "Come on Speedy, those Cub Scouts at Southside are waiting for their Male.

Narrator:"Excuse me sir? Why do you call your burro Speedy?

Rider:Why, this here is the fastest burro in the west.

Narrator:"How fast is he?"

Rider:"Why, he's so fast he can dance his shoes off! (Burro dances, and removes his shoes and tosses them into the crowd and they leave.)

Narrator:And there's always the legend of Rip Van Winkle. It's really quite unlikely that he could sleep for forty whole years.

Rip Van W.:(entering) Sleep? Did I hear someone mention sleep. Oh, I'd love to get some sleep!

Narrator:Have a hard day Rip?

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