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Indian Nations CouncilThe Greatest Show on Earth

September 1994

Explore Your Neighborhood

The Late News

Scene:1 Cub Scout is seated on stage, turning the dial of a radio. The other den members are offstage voices.  As the boy on stage turns the dial, we hear:

Voice 1:"Prepackaged pale purple pain pills will stop that ache in your bit toenail. A small bottle of 10 pills costs only a little more than...."

Voice 2:"...a new Chevy Citation which was the only car still running after 200 miles. All other cars in the race had run out of ...."

Voice 3:"...elephants, which were the only source of power available to lift the giant logs. The elephant trainer would sit with his legs locked around..."

Voice 4:"....the rocket, which will be launched from Cape Kennedy next week, will be the first rocket to carry..."

Voice 5:"....100 fat cattle and 200 hogs reported on the way to the stockyards. The animals will be fed..."

Voice 6:"...dynamite or TNT, which should open the passage to allow the boats to operate in the..."

Voice 7:"...bathtub when the water level is at least six inches deep and warm enough for...."

Voice 3:"...the giant logs, which will be used in the construction of..."

Voice 1:"...drug stores.  Ask your friendly pharmacist for..."

Voice 2:"....a thunderbird, which maintained a speed greater than any other..."

The Ants

Characters:Six to eight Cub Scouts.

Props:Paper sacks.

Scene:Skit opens with boys standing together in a backyard. Cardboard cutout trees and bushes could be used.

Cub 1:Gee, there's nothing to do.

Cub 2:Yeah, I know.

Cub 3:Hey, let's have a backyard picnic.


Cub 4:But it's going to rain.

Cub 1:I don't think so. If it does we can eat in the house.

Cub 2:I'll bring the potato chips.

Cub 3:I'll bring the hot dogs.

Cub 4:I'll bring the hot dog buns.

Cub 5:I'll bring the drinks.

Cub 6:And I'll bring something special!

(All walk off stage and come back carrying sacks.)

Cub 2:Here are the chips.

Cub 3:Here are the hot dogs.

Cub 4:Here are the hot dog buns.

Cub 5:Here are the drinks.

Cub 6:(Drops his sack.) Oh no!

Cub 5:What's wrong?

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