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Indian Nations CouncilThe Greatest Show on Earth

October 1994

Achievement Parade

Watch Out For Critters

As the skit opens, an old guide leads two pioneers into the mountains. The three walk in place, pretending to climb uphill and down.

Pioneer 1:Are there wild animals here?

Guide:Yep.  Bobcats.  They're bad.

Pioneer 2:Is there anything else?

Guide:There's wolves.  Mean critters.

Pioneer 1:Is that all?

Guide:You wouldn't ask that question of you had come to rehearsal. There are bears. And they are the worst critters that I know of. (Suddenly, three Cub Scouts appear. Over their heads are brown paper sacks with animal faces drawn on them.)

Cub 1:I'm a Bobcat.

Cub 2:I'm a Wolf.

Cub 3:I'm a Bear.  Who are you?

Pioneers:(Together) We're chicken! (and they run away.)

Smokey's Deputies

Characters:Narrator, 3 boys in Smokey Bear costumes with "Deputy" badges, clown.

Scene:Outdoor scene with cardboard trees and buses. Posters as indicated in script.

Narrator:Ladies and gentlemen. For the first and only time, in our stage we present a trio of performing bears directly from Yellowstone Park. (Gesturing with sweep of hand.) Take it away bears!

Bears:(enter singing...Tune:  "Polly Wolly Doodle")

Oh, bears like cake, and bees like pie

And a little bit of honey is fine'

But we don't like sparks in our national parks,

And in forests of spruce and pine.

So beware, so beware,

Put your campfires all the way out.

Let the fire burn down, sprinkle water all around

Put them out without a doubt.

Bear 1:Listen friends. Before you strike one match in my forest, check the Forest Ranger or an adult camping guide.

Bear 2:Never build a fire without an adult to help you.

Bear 3:That's right! Remember to have a bucket of water or dirt handy, right next to the fire.

Bear 1:And when you're through with the fire, don't go away and leave it. No sir. Let the fire burn down. Break up the coals with a stick. Sprinkle water or dirt on the fire until it is cold.

Bear 2:Be sure to check the fire to see that it is cold out before you leave the campsite.

Bear 3:Now everybody, please join us in the chorus of our song:

So beware, so beware

Put your campfires all the way out

Let the fire burn down, sprinkle water all around.

Put them out without a doubt.

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