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The Greatest Show on EarthIndian Nations Council

(During the chorus, clown crosses stage carrying sign which reads: "You are no Match for Fire"  When he reaches mid-stage, he turns sign over.  On back side it reads:  "Don't clown around with fire.")

Two Story Fire

Character:5 firemen, dressed in street wear.

Scene:3 firemen are seated at table and two are laying on cots. Laying nearby are fireman's hats and raincoats for all. Off stage are blackened corks to be used for soot, and sound effects of telephone ringing and siren.

Fireman 1:(stretching on cot.) I dreamed I ate a five pound marshmallow last night.

Fireman 2:(sleepily) So what? (yawns)

Fireman 1:My pillow is missing!

(Telephone rings. Fireman 3 leaves table and goes off stage to answer it.)

Fireman 3:(running back on stage)  Fire!  Fire!  Fire!  A two story fire.

(All firemen quickly don hats and coats)

Fireman 4:Are you (name) ?

Fireman 5:No, why?

Fireman 4:Well, I am, and that's my hat and coat you're putting on.

(Fireman 4 & 5 quickly trade hats and coats.  All firemen rush off stage.  Siren is heard.) PAUSE  (Firemen return, with soot all over their faces.)

Fireman 2:Boy, I'm sure glad we're back! I forgot to turn off the stove. We could have had a fire right here.

Fireman 5:Ah, don't worry. I forgot to turn off the water in the sink.

Fireman 1:We almost never found that fire. I thought you said it was a two story fire.

Fireman 3:It was. The caller told me two stories. One story was that the fire was on 6th Street. The other story was that the fire was on Maple Street. That's why we almost never found it.

(Others groan, and take their original places at the table or on cots, as curtain closes.)


The following are answers and questions to be used in a Cubnac presentation. A Cub can dress up in a turban and cape and reads the answer and then the question.  Have two Cubs one dressed as above giving the question part and one giving him the answer first.

Dances with Wolves  What would you call a Den Leader who square dances with her den?

I Can Bear No More  What does a new Webelos Scout say?

BobcatWhat would you call Robert Cat if you were a close friend?

WebelosWhat would a group of older Cub Scouts say if they didn't know where they were?

Bear, Aaron, & Wells FargoName a rank, a Hank, and a Bank.

RankledWhat happens to patches on your uniform after washing?

Arrow of Light What would you call 20 candles in a straight line?

Tiger PawsDescribe a Tiger Cub taking a nap.

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