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Indian Nations CouncilThe Greatest Show on Earth

November 1994

Harbors, Stations, Airports

Milestones In Things That Go.

Here's a skit that has a special added attraction - the audience can join in the fun as they try to guess the famous names in transportation history.

To present this verse skit, you can use 10 Cub Scouts - one for the Narrator and one to deliver each verse.  If you have fewer Cub Scouts, they can say more than one, just change the placard. Make a placard for each verse with the famous person's name printed on the back. Print the name large enough on the placard for the audience to see clearly. Attach the placard to the actor's back. After the actor has delivered his verse (allowing the audience a little time to try and guess the name of the person he represents), the actor turns around to reveal the name on the placard. The Narrator recites the first two verses. No costumes or scenery are required.

NARRATOR: Transportation through the years

Has changed, we are aware,

Because some men had vision,

And were not afraid to dare.

Although we see the evidence

of all that they have done,

Let's see if you can guess their names

Presented, one by one.

1.We bet you don't know our name,

But we first gave man his wings,

As we soared aloft in a balloon

And made men feel like kings!

Who are we?   (Montgolfier Brothers)

2.Until I came along and helped,

Fast boats were just a dream,

For I got rid of sails and oars;

I gave the boat its steam!

Who am I?   (Robert Fulton)

3.I gave to life its "ups and downs,"

So many men would say

The elevators makes tall buildings

Possible today.

Who am I?Ê  (Elisha Otis)

4.As people peddle down the street,

From grannies to little tykes,

They all owe me a debt of thanks,

'Cause I invented bikes!

Who am I?   (Pierre Lallement)

5.As trains crisscross the continents,

My humble head is bowed.

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