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The Greatest Show on EarthIndian Nations Council

"Father of the locomotive" is

The name of which I'm proud.

Who am I?   (George Stephenson)

6.As soon as you say "airplane,"

Our name quickly comes to mind;

But when we started, pilots were

Quite difficult to find.

Who am I?   (Wright Brothers)

7.Though I did not invent it,

I played a major part

In mass-producing autos. I'd say

I gave the car its start!

Who am I?   (Henry Ford)

8."Father of the modern rocket"

Is the title I enjoy.

So when he takes you to the moon,

Remember, that's my boy!

Who am I?   (Robert H. Goddard)

9.I'll have a fuel-less motor

That will hit the marketplace,

And stop pollution of all kinds

And go faster into space.

Who am I?   (You?)

What Did You Say Your Name Was?

CHARACTER:Boy in Cub Scout uniform and a group of boys in street wear.

PROPS:Toy airplane, a ball for the group of boys to bounce, sign on easel saying "small town in 1939."

SCENE:Open with boys bouncing ball to each other when Cub Scout enters.  Easel is set up with a sign on far left side of stage.

CUB SCOUT:Hi fellas!  (holding airplane)

BOY #1:Hi, you're new here aren't you?

CUB SCOUT:Yes, we just moved here from Ohio.  I'm on my way to my first den meeting.  Are you guys in Scouts!

BOY #3:What king of airplane have you got there?

CUB SCOUT:We're building rockets in our den and I made this airplane at my last meeting in Ohio.  I just thought I'd bring it to show the guys in the den.  It will really fly.

BOY #4:You say you're building rockets?

CUB SCOUT:Yes, when they are finished we are going to shoot them off after pack meeting so everyone in the pack can see how they work.  I'm glad to get the chance to build one.  You know I'm going to fly one someday for real.  Maybe I'll even walk on the moon.

BOY #5:Wouldn't that be something!  What else do you do in the den meeting?

CUB SCOUT:We do a lot of different things.  Of course I'm really interested mostly in aviation.  I'm going to have my pilot's license by the time I'm 16.

BOY #6:Sure, sure...do you guys ever camp out?

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