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Indian Nations CouncilThe Greatest Show on Earth

CUB SCOUT:Sure when you become a Webelos they have great dad and son campouts.  You know, I'm going to test new aircraft when I'm grown...maybe even rocket-powered planes.  I've got to go now...I don't want to be late.  Bye!

BOY #7:Boy those Cub Scouts think they can do anything...He sure has big ideas...What did he say his name was, anyway?

BOY #1:Neil Armstrong!  What a dreamer!  He really thinks he's going places.

The Railroad Crossing

Cast:A conductor who sits on a stool and holds a very thick book; a hillbilly family, including father, mother and several children.  All are dressed to fit their roles.

Props:Two ropes laid parallel in front of the acting area to represent a railroad track.

Father:(Addressing the mother)  Be there a train from the North today?

Mother:(To first child)  Be there a train from the North today?

(Each family member, in turn, passes this same message down the line to the Conductor, who thumbs through his big book.)

Conductor:No. There's no train from the North today.  (speaking to last child.)

Last Child:(To the next child in line) No there's no train from the North today.

(This procedure is repeated, with message being passed back up the line until it gets to the Father.)

Father:(Addressing the mother)  Be there a train from the South today?

(The same procedure is repeated with the conductor responding negatively.  The Father then asked about trains from the East and West, with the message being passed from person to person.  When the last message gets back to the Father, he says...)

Father:O.K.  It's safe to cross the railroad tracks.

(The family proceeds to walk across the tracks).

Eric The Green

Cast:6 Cub Scouts playing T.V. Announcer, Cabin Boy, Crew Member, Ships Cook Leif Ericson, Eric the Red. (If you have more than 6 Cub Scouts they can be extra crew members.)

Scene:Takes place at ships landing in Greenland, where T.V. Announcer is waiting the arrival of the Vikings to interview them on the voyage.

T.V. Announcer:Ladies and gentlemen, through the magic of television and the 20th century, we are able to take you back in time to the landing of the Vikings, here in Greenland...the time is the 10th century...ah, here is a likely looking fellow now...(cabin boy in Viking dress walks on)...T.V. Announcer thrusts mike in front of him and says "welcome to Greenland, son, and how was your voyage?"

Cabin Boy:Terrible trip, worst I've ever seen...if you don't believe it ask Eric the Green!  (He walks off stage.)

T.V. Announcer:Oh, that's too bad, but wait, I thought your Captains name was Eric the Red...hmmm, that's strange...well TV audience, here comes another member of the group.  Sir, how was your trip to Greenland?

Crew Member:(Gives T.V. Announcer suspicious look) Terrible trip, worst I've ever seen...if you don't believe it, ask Eric the Green!

T.V. Announcer:There must be some mistake...all history books refer to the leader of the Norsemen as Eric the Red.  This certainly is a mixed up crew.  Well, here comes the ships cook...ah, sir, would you mind telling us your opinion of the voyage? (Ships cook walks on stage, gives him surly look...)

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