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Learn to be a nature detective, an explorer or scientist! There are exciting things outside! A bug hidden under a leaf, footprints in the mud, or a pile of fur and bones. Learn to explore the world around you, looking for clues and signs to solve the mysteries of Nature. Nature mysteries can be found anywhere; in your yard, the woods, or a pond, puddle or stream. Some of the clues can only be found during a certain time of the year, while other signs can be found all year.

Good nature detectives and explorers have a sense of adventure. They also remember to leave only footprints as clues to the wildlife that they have been in an area.

Primary Tools

Eyes- To closely inspect any find, and to search an area.

Ears- To listen for any sounds of animals moving or communicating.

Nose- To sniff out suspects, use your nose to smell a flower or an animal.

Hands- To feel all the parts of a clue, to turn over logs and leaves or to feel the shapes and textures of things.

Rules For Nature Lovers

¥ Never take all the leaves and flowers from a plant. Take just what you need.

¥ When you pick a flower, break or cut the stem. Don't pull the plant up by the roots.

¥ Don't taste or eat any plants, berries or seeds you find outdoors. Some plants are very poisonous. Check with an adult.

¥ Don't pick a flower from anyone's garden or backyard without asking permission. Remember that in many public parks and gardens, flowers must not be picked.

¥ Don't pick a wildflower if there are only a few of its kind growing where you find it. Greedy picking might mean this kind of flower will not grow in that spot anymore. Then no one else will ever be able to enjoy it again.

¥ Never touch poison ivy, poison oak, or poison sumac. Touching these plants creates an itchy rash on the skin.   REMEMBER:"LEAVES OF THREE, LET IT BE"

¥ Dress according to the seasons, and keep in mind that a good nature detective checks out all clues and sometimes this means lying down on your belly, crawling on your hands and knees and even stepping into water. So wear old clothes and sneakers.


Did you ever see a bug creature up close? Most grown-ups would much rather do their looking from a distance, but kids like to catch the bug and confine him temporarily for a closer look. That's okay, but too often the confinement takes place inside a mayonnaise jar with a perforated lid.  The bug may be safe inside, but a kid chasing after a butterfly while clutching the glass jar might not be. And maybe the bug is safe, but is he really happy? It gets pretty hot and damp inside a jar, and sometimes it's difficult to climb glass walls.

So what do you do?

Make A Creature Cage


2 empty (washed) tuna cans

Wire Screen


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