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A jar

An old spoon

Lay the leaf on the dish with the underside (the veined side) facing upwards. Rub a little vaseline on the leaf. Put a little water in the jar. Carefully spoon plaster of Paris into the jar. Stir the mixture with a spoon. Keep adding plaster little by little until the mixture is like toothpaste. Carefully spread the plaster over the leaf so that it is evenly covered. Then fill the dish with the rest of the plaster. Work quickly. Leave plaster to dry. This will take about half an hour. When dried, you can lift it out of the dish. Carefully peel off the leaf. There in the plaster is a cast of your leaf!!


Trees are living things. They are growing wood for our use. There are two kinds of trees...

¥ DECIDUOUS trees which drop their leaves in winter.

¥ EVERGREEN trees which keep their leaves all year round.

When trees get old and big, they are ready to be used. Foresters cut these trees before they get sick. This gives little trees more room to grow.

How Tall Is A Tree?

Here is a useful trick you can use to measure trees and other tall things too.

Materials you will need:

A partner

A pencil

A tape measure or ruler

¥ Find a tall tree that is standing on fairly flat ground.

¥ Back up from the tree. Stop when you are farther away from the tree than the base of the tree is from its top.

¥ Ask your partner to stand right at the tree.

¥ Hold a pencil straight up and down. Grasp it near its end. Close one eye and hold the pencilÊso that it lines up with the tree.

¥ Move forward or backward until the part of the pencil above your thumb looks like it is as tall as the tree.

¥ Carefully turn the pencil sideways keeping your thumb lined up with the tree trunk. Your pencil should now look like it is lying along the ground.

¥ As your partner to walk away from the tree. It will seem as if he is walking along the pencil. Tell him to stop when he is lined up with the end of the pencil.

¥ Measure the distance from the base of the tree to the place where he is standing. This is about the height of the tree.

Stumps Tell A Story

If you come upon a dry tree stump, you can take a rubbing that will tell you the tree's life story.

Materials you will need:

Paper big enough to stretch across tree trunk

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