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Go On A Sock Walk

Lots of plants need animals to spread their seeds. Some seeds are inside fruit. Animals and birds eat the food. Then the seeds pass right through their digestive systems and end up on the ground again, somewhere else. Some seeds catch in animals fur. They get spread around as the animals move from place to place.

Put on some woolly socks and see how many seeds you can pick up.

You will need; fuzzy socks, a magnifying glass, a place to walk and a day when weeds have ripe seeds in the fall or spring.

Pull the socks on OVER your shoes. Go for a walk through the weeds in a field or park. Take off the socks and see what seeds you've picked up. Are some seeds hard to pry off? Take a look at them through a magnifying glass to see what kind of 'hooks' they have.

You might try planting the seeds to see what kinds of plants come up. Egg cartons make good planters..you can put a different kind of seed in each place.

Run-Away Seeds In Your Front Lawn

Lawns are often covered with white, ball-shaped dandelion heads. Blow one into the air. Catch some heads and inspect them closely. Attached to the hairs are brown specks. Inside these hard coats are the dandelions seeds. The silky hairs act like parachutes that carry the seeds far away from their starting place to spread the seeds.

Each dandelion flower releases hundreds of tiny, light seeds to the wind. For a seed to grow, it needs to land in an area with right soil, enough moisture, and plenty of sunlight. How many seeds from one dandelion plant are likely to land in a spot that's good for growth? Very few.

Kitchen Leftover Plants

Did you know you could raise a lacy, fernlike plant from a carrot top - or a fast growing vine from a sweet potato? You can grow a whole garden from the seeds and cutting of fruits and vegetables.  For your plant, cut 2 inches off the top of a carrot ( including the leaves). Set the carrot, cut side down, in a dish with 1/2 in of water in it. Change the water often.  When roots appear, plant our carrot in a pot of moist sand.  Set it in a sunny window and keep it wet.

To start a sweet potato vine, stick three toothpicks in the sides of an old sweet potato. Set it in a glass of water with the toothpicks resting on the rim.  The water should just cover the top of the sweet potato. Put the glass in a place where the vine will get filtered sunlight. Pin up some strings so it can climb.   

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