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The Greatest Show on EarthIndian Nations Council

13. You'll probably have to buy some things in plastic containers, because that's the only way they are sold. If they go into the garbage, they'll be polluting the environment for a long time. What else can you do with them? Find ways to reuse them, make a flower container or crayon container. Find out how crafty you can be.

14. Become a saver. Giftwrap paper can be smoothed out and used again. So can ribbon and string. Make gift tags from the fronts of old greeting cards.

15. Use rags, worn out clothes, sheets and old diapers for housecleaning instead of paper towels and throwaway cleaning clothes.

16. Don't throw away outgrown clothes. Maybe there is someone else in your family or neighborhood that the clothes could be passed on to.

17. Don't throw litter onto the ground or into creeks and ponds.

18. Turn off: the TV when nobody's watching it; the light when you leave a room.

19. If you can, walk or ride your bike instead of taking the bar. It's better for you, saves energy, and cuts down on pollution.

20. Talk to your parents, other relatives and friends about the environment and how we can protect it. Share ideas for saving energy and recycling things.

21. Your family probably makes some donations to charities and other groups every year. Is your family supporting a group that works to clean up the environment.

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