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Indian Nations CouncilThe Greatest Show on Earth

December 1993

Holiday Magic

Tiny Pinatas

Fill these little pull down pinata with candies or toys. Each pinata is a cup from an egg carton, painted with poster paint. Cut a three inch fringes of tissue paper and glue it around inside of rim. Tie a knot in the end of a length of yarn and string it through egg cup. Fill cup and secure contents with a strip of tape. String the pinatas on a pole covered with crepe paper streamers and hang it just out of reach. Attach yarn to pole with tape so pinata will release when pulled.

Candy Gifts

Items needed:


Peppermint stick candy cane

Nylon netting


Cover candy pieces in plastic wrap and then tie in a large square of nylon netting or costuming tarlatan. With a bright bow, tie the pack to a jumbo peppermint stick candy cane.

Tin Christmas Lanterns

In Mexico people often light their houses at Christmas with simple tin lanterns. They're decorated with lacy patterns of punched holes. Candlelight glowing through the holes creates dozens of flickering stars.

If you save up an assortment of tin cans and buy a few aluminum funnels, you can make Christmas lanterns for friends and family.

The tin is easily pierced with a hammer and nail if you first freeze water in it.

Cans without ridges are easiest to punch. Fill each one with water to 1/4 inch below the rim and freeze.

Cut up paper bags to make patterns that will fit around the cans. Draw designs on the paper to follow as you punch the holes.

Lay the cans of frozen water on a towel. Wrap the patterns around the cans and tape them down. Hammer evenly spaced nail holes through the lines of the pattern.

You don't have to try to freeze water in the funnels; they're sturdier. Just use a very sharp nail to punch a simple design. Leave the funnel tops on.

In each punched can place a small candle and holder (votive candles in glass jars work well). Place the funnel, upside down, over top.

Yule Log

Items needed:

Small log



Evergreen branches

Melt the paraffin and let it cool about a half hour.

Put it on the log in a big soft lump and press the ends of the evergreen branches into it.

Add three or four pinecones.

Decorative Lamp

Items needed:

Tuna Can


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