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The Greatest Show on EarthIndian Nations Council

Chartered Organization - The sponsoring organization of the pack.  This organization may be a religious, civic, fraternal, educational or other community-based group.  Monthly pack meetings are usually held in a building owned by that organization.

Commissioner - A volunteer Scouter who works with packs and/or troops to help units succeed.

Committee Chairman (CC) - An adult 21 years of age or older, the executive officer of the committee, who works with the Cubmaster to assure that the pack provides the Cub Scout phase of the Scouting program.

Compass Point Patch - Award earned by Webelos Scouts as they advance in the Webelos program.  This cloth patch is hung by a loop from a button on the boy's right shirt pocket.  Metal pins are added to the patch and attached at compass points (north, east, south and west) as the boy advances by earning activity badges.

Council headquarters - The local office for Scouting in a specific geographic area.  The country is divided into more than 400 local councils.

Cubmaster (CM) - An adult 21 years of age or older, who holds this commission in a Cub Scout pack.  The pack leader and Akela for the pack, serves as Master of Ceremonies during monthly pack meetings.

Cubmaster Award - A blue square knot on a gold field awarded to Cubmasters who have completed training and performance and served for 3 years.

Cub Scout - A boy who is registered with a Cub Scout pack.  Also, the reason why we're all here!!!

Cub Scouter Award - A blue and gold square knot on a blue field awarded to Cub Scouters who have completed training and performance and served for 2 years at the pack level and/or in a district or council Cub Scout position.

Cub Scout Handshake - Used by Cub Scouts and Scouters with the right hand.  It is given like an ordinary handshake except the index and middle fingers are extended toward the other person, touching his wrist.

Cub Scout Motto - "Do Your Best."

Cub Scout Promise -

I, (name), promise to do my best

To do my duty to God and my country

To help other people, and

To obey the Law of the Pack.

Cub Scout Salute - A hand salute made by Cub Scouts and Scouters with the fingers of the right hand held in position as for Cub Scout Sign, except that the index and middle fingers are held together.  The tips of the fingers touch the right eyebrow or the Cub Scout hat.

Cub Scout Sign - A sign made by raising the right hand straight up high over the head with the palm forward.  The first two fingers are wide apart and pointing up as in a V.  The thumb covers the nails of the ring and little fingers.  This sign symbolizes the ears of Akela, and when held up, the group should become silent.

Day Camp - Summertime fun for all registered Cub Scouts.  This daytime program allows boys to interact with boys from other packs and keeps boys and adults active in the Cub Scout movement.

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