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The Greatest Show on EarthIndian Nations Council

March 1994

Wheels Wings And Rudders

Bike Rack Ideas

Glue crosspieces in place on side pieces for stability. They should be placed a tire width plus 1/8 inch apart. Then bolt the crosspieces through side pieces as shown. Let bolts protrude if rack will be on the ground; recess them if the rack will be on a paved area.


Buy a plastic propeller.

Cut two equal lengths of strong wire.

Push each length of wire through the ends of a 20-cm long strip of balsa wood.

Cut the end from a ballpoint pen.

Push a short length of wire through the propeller, a bead, the outer case of the ballpoint pen and then make a hook. Connect the wire through the wood to the propeller wire, just behind the pen. Connect the rubber bands to the hook and the back wire. Connect your machine to a length of cotton that is taut and horizontal by bending over the wire as a loop. Wind up your propeller. Release it. Which way did the machine go? Wind your propeller the other way. What happens?

Paper Rowboat

1. Fold a 6 inch square of paper in half. Crease and unfold.

2. Bring sides A and B together in center and fold.

3. Fold points C-D-F-E on diagonal line to center and crease.

4. Fold on dotted lines.

5. Fold again on dotted lines.

6. Turn rowboat inside out. Hold sides carefully to avoid tearing.

7. The finished rowboat.

Motor Boat

With only two pieces of wood and a strong rubberband you can make a boat that will speed through the water.

This boat can be any size you want. Cut it to the shape in the picture and make notches in the back, as shown. Then cut another small piece of wood and make notches in the middle of that too. Your boat will last longer if you put a coat of varnish or paint on it.

Put the rubber band around the small piece of wood so that it rests in the notches. Now you can fasten it to the back of the boat, stretching the rubber band so it fits in the other set of notches. Turn it to wind it up, put the boat in the water and let it go. As the rubber band unwinds, the boat will be pushed through the water.


Items needed:

Sturdy fruit box or crate

Roller Skate

Board 4 inches wide, 3/4 in thick, 12 inches long

Board 1 1/2 inches wide, 1/2 inch thick, 10 inches longer than width of the box.

Remove the leather strap and shoe clamp from the skate and separate back from front of skate. place back part of skate upside down near one end of 4 inch wide board. Carefully hammer skate to flatten shoe guard as much as possible then nail skate wheel to board. Nail front part of skate to the other end of the board. This is the scooter board.

Stand box on one end and place scooter board over center of box so that one end of the board is flush even with the bottom (or closed side) of box and other end of the board is flush even with the bottom

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