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The Greatest Show on EarthIndian Nations Council

April 1994

Shape Up

Bunny Basket

A cute party favor for your Easter table or egg hunt!  This is also a nice decoration for nursing homes, too.

Items needed:

White posterboard

Pink, black construction paper

White spray can cap

Cupcake liner

Easter grass

Cut outer ears from white posterboard. From pink construction paper, cut eyes and inner ears. Glue the inner ear to the ear. From black paper cut pupils and nose. Glue pupil to eye. Staple or glue ears to back of inverted, white spray can cap. Glue eyes and nose to the front of the cap. Fill cup with a cupcake liner, or Easter grass, and add eggs or whatever you like.

Bottle Jai Alai

Use two 1 gallon milk or bleach bottles for the cestas (pitching cubs). Following the picture, draw lines on the plastic where one side and the bottom will be cut out. Be sure that the lines are even. Then use a knife or large scissors, to cut.

Rules: The players stand 25 feet apart (closer if necessary). One player puts the tennis ball in the cup and tosses it to the other player who catches it in his own cup. If the other player doesn't catch it and return it, the tosser gets a point. No player is allowed to touch the ball while in play.

Palm Paddle

Trace a dinner plate on a 1/4" plywood or a pine board 1" x 8" x 8" or any paddle type material you have on hand. Cut out the circle with a coping saw and sand the edges smooth. Trace your hand on the wooden circle. Measure enough elastic to hold your hand tight to the paddle, and tack it down.

Rules: Two or more can play this game. It is probably more fun with four or more. Use a whiffle ball at first and then go on to a tennis ball when you think you want a faster game. Set up a badminton net and score the way you would in a badminton game.


Tin can stilts, made from two large juice cans and two 6 foot sections of rope are great fun for the outdoors. Cut out one end of the can. In the other end punch two holes just large enough for the rope. Tie the ends of the rope together inside the can. Step on the closed end of the can and hold the rope in your hand. As you lift your foot, pull on the rope.

Boxing Bugs

Cut two figures - beetles, birds, or other animals from stiff paper. Place them on two sticks of the same length as shown. Fasten them with four tacks. Hold the longer end of the lower stick with your left hand. Push and pull the longer end of the upper stick with your right hand. The boxing bugs will eagerly begin the fighting match.

Bowling Pins

Items needed:

Foam Cups

Stones or small rocks

Glue, paint, brushes

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