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Indian Nations CouncilThe Greatest Show on Earth

Place stones in cups. Glue second cup to first cup rim to rim. (you may wish to fortify seam by wrapping with cloth tape.)  Decorate pins by painting numbers, faces or designs of your choosing.

To play:  Set up pins and see how many you can knock down by rolling a tennis ball at them.

May 1994

Back To Nature

Mother's Day Pop Up Card

Trace pattern as shown. Write message inside.

Flower Pot Figures

Items needed:

3 small flower pots

Spray paint

Rickrack, ribbon and beads


Wooden bead

Cardboard disks

A ribbon, knotted at the bottom and tied above a wooden bead at the top, holds each figure together. Cardboard disks separate the pots and provide places to attache collars and arms. The crowns are made of rickrack, wood or cardboard disks, centered with the wooden bead. Hanging figures are loose-jointed. Standing figures are more compact.

Clothespin Planter

A 1 lb coffee can

18 clothespins

2 rubber bands

36 inches of wire

Remove and discard the springs from about 18 wooden clothespins. Place two heavy ribber bands around a 1 pound coffee can and slip the pieces of clothespin under the rubber band. When you have encircled the can with the wood pieces, replace the rubber bands with two 18 inch lengths of wire wound around the two rows of grooves. Twist wire tightly together, clip ends, and bend them down (small boys will need help with this). Punch several holes in the bottom of the can for drainage. Varnish or paint the wood. Soil, one succulent plant from the garden, and perhaps some ivy will complete the planter.

Tissue Paper Flowers

A pretty bouquet of paper flowers is fun to make and is a nice gift for mom. Choose a vase or jelly glass that goes well with the flower colors.

Items needed:

Tissue paper - 3 shades of the same color or 3 different colors

Straight pins  (hold the petals together)

Florist tape  (wrap the pin and stems)

Thin wire - cut in 8 inch lengths for the stems

Trace the petal patterns from the drawing using the darkest shad of paper when tracing the outside line and lighter paper for the inside lines. Cut out the patterns and stack them one on top of the other putting the largest petal on the bottom. Stick a pin in the center dot, down through all three layers. Push the petals up over the head of the pin. Ten hold the pin tightly against a piece of wire and wrap the florist tape snugly around the pin and the wire as well as the bottom of the petals.

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