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Indian Nations CouncilThe Greatest Show on Earth

June 1994

Strong For America


Items needed:

Colored poster board


Hole punch

Coat hanger

Using flag patterns, cut out pieces from colored poster board. Punch appropriate holes. Start from top and assemble flag.


As we enjoy the great outdoors, it is always easier to enjoy if you have a soft, dry spot to sit down. Sit-a-pons can be used while camping, hiking or sitting around in a den meeting.

Cut 2 pieces of heavy vinyl 18" square. (Old shower curtains work well also).

With a small hole punch, punch holes around the edges about 3/4" apart.

Lash the two pieces together (wrong sides together) using twine or cord leaving one side open.

Stuff insides with newspaper, a towel or old socks. Lash closed fourth side.

Clipboard For Instruction Books

Items needed:

1/4" x 13 x 20 plywood

1/4" x 10 x 15 plywood

Plastic hinge

2 large clamps

1 small clamp


This useful 'Fathers Day' gift, holds an instruction book open on a working surface and tilts it at a handy reading angle. It has a clip for a pencil on the leftside. When not in use the easel can be folded flat and hung from a nail.

Make the board of 1/4 or 3/8 inch plywood (13 x 19 inches is a convenient size for most books). To make the clamps lie snug on the board, drill 7/8 inch holes in the board and enlarge them with a coping saw to accommodate the curved springs. Then bolt each clamp in place through one of its eyelets. Bolt a small clamp on the left side to hold a pencil. (bolts are preferable to screws in thin plywood).

A piece of plywood, 10 by 15 inches, hinged to the back with plastic or cotton webbing, makes the easel stand. A piece of cord between the two boards will keep them from spreading too far apart.

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