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The Greatest Show on EarthIndian Nations Council

July 1994

Buckskin Pioneers


To make a slingshot to shoot pieces of paper, all you need is wire and a rubber band. Twist the wire as shown in the picture and make loops at each end to hold the rubber band. Fold little pieces of paper, make a target, aim, and shoot.

The Tree

Make a tube by rolling a double-page sheet of newspaper from one side to the other. When about five inches from the edge, add another double-page sheet. Keep on rolling and add a third sheet. Bring the paper toward you as you roll it. Tap the ends to keep the roll even.

Flatten half of the tube and tear straight down the center.

Flatten the torn strips together and tear down again.

You will now have four torn parts. Each of the parts will be alot of strips. Separate the four parts and bend the strips out from the tube.

Put two fingers into the tube at the top and with your thumb take hold of a couple of strips where they bend and pull them up gently for a few inches. All strips will start coming up as the tree begins to grow. Take your finger out at the top and work the tree upwards from the outside.

These can be decorated with pine cones, sweet gum balls or other seed pods to give the trees a more real look.

Frontier Rifle

Items needed:

Cardboard tube

1 1/2 quart detergent bottle

Using a knife, make a slit in the center of the bottleneck. Place roll into slit and trace around roll in top of bottle. Cut a small tab 1" x 3/4" for trigger on underside of bottle behind handle. Bend tab down and out. This will make a clicking sound when flipped by the finger. Insert roll in top of bottle and tape in place. Paint rifle adding design to the gun butt to give it an old look.

Twisted Rope Creatures

Items needed:

1/4 or 1/2 inch hemp rope, cut in lengths of 16 inches


Wire cutters

Cut the wire to the same length as the rope pieces. (Handle the wire cutters with care) Straighten the pieces of wire, if necessary. Threading them into the rope takes a little patience.

First, you untwist the hemp just a little, making a gap in the rope. Place the wire diagonally along the gap. Let the rope spring back into shape; this holds the wire in place. Keep working this way along the length of the rope.

You can make a four legged friend with three pieces of wired rope. Bend a long piece to form a head, body, and tail. Fold two shorter pieces to make pairs of legs. Tie the legs to the body with crisscrossed string.

To get shaggy manes and tails, unravel the hemp, pulling apart its fibers. Tie off with string. Bind cut ends, the animal's feet, for example, to keep them from unravelling.

If you want your animal to be colorful, dip him in a both of water colors or food coloring. Look around for trimmings to improve your creature's looks. Glue on beads, buttons, bottle caps, corks. Felt, ribbon also works well.

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