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The Greatest Show on EarthIndian Nations Council

October 1994

Achievement Parade

Button Whirl

Items needed:

4 feet of string

Large button with 2 holes

To make this simple spinning toy, you need about 4 ft of string an a large button with 2 holes. Pass the string through both  holes and tie the ends so that the button is threaded on a long loop. Whirl the loop of string like a jump rope until it's tightly wound up. Then pull on the ends. The button spins and dances as the string unwinds. If you get the string very tightly wound, the button will hum as it spins.

Flying Bat

Cut this bat of black paper. Fold as shown. Tie one end of a thread around his neck and the other end through the holes in his back. Tie another piece of thread to the center of the first piece and hang up your bat.

Egg Carton Witch Faces

Items needed:

Paper egg cartons (one carton makes 3 witches)

Black paper


Paint or crayons


A window full of witches on Halloween would be a very scary sight.

Cut a 4-cup section from the carton. Using black paper, cut out a high pointed had and glue it to the top edge. Make big round eyes and a turned down mouth using paint or crayons. Tie a thread to the top of each hat and hang the witches in a window.

Jingle Ghost

Items needed:

White plastic bottle

Paper punch

Needle and thread

Jingle bell

Cut a ghost shape from the side of a plastic bottle. Punch eyes in the ghost with a paper punch. With a needle and thread, poke a hole in the bottom of the ghost, string a small bell on the thread, and tie the ends of the thread together.

Hang several ghosts on strings where people walk during the Halloween season. The wind will flutter the ghosts and the bells will jingle.

Living Skeleton

Items needed:

6 pipe cleaners


Black felt tip marker

Bend a pipe cleaner in half to make a backbone. Twist another one round the bottom of the backbone to make the legs and one round the top to make the arms and hands.

Twist two pipe cleaners together and wind them round and round the backbone to make the rib cage. Bend the last pipe cleaner into a flat head and draw a face on it. Hang the skeleton from a rubber band.

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