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Paper Craft

Make A Drinking Cup From Paper

Items needed:


1. First fold a square piece of paper diagonally once.

2. Now fold the left corner, then the right corner.

3. It will look like example 3

4. There are two points at the top. Fold 'a' forward and 'b' back.

5. Your drinking cup is completed.

6. Open the cup and it is ready for use.

Game to play:

Items needed:

2 drinking cups

2 thumbtacks

5 buttons or small stones

Tack the cups on a bulletin board or a piece of cork. Push in the bottom of the cups so they will stay open.

Any number of people can play. Each player, during his turn, gets a chance to throw all five buttons into the cups. If a button goes into the left cup, the player scores three points. If a button goes into the right cup, the player gets two free throws. The player with the highest score wins.

Stand back far enough from the cups so that it is not too easy to get every shot into the cups.

Magic Show

Make an envelope by folding a piece of paper as shown. Seal the front and back, but not the opening on top, with tape or pins. Roll another piece of paper into a pipe, tape it together and insert one end in the opening of the envelope.

Now cut up about 50 snips of different colored paper and pour them through the pipe into the envelope.  Shake well, hold it toward a bright light and look into the pipe. What interesting shapes and colored patterns you see! this is sometimes called a kaleidoscope.

Giant Bug

This bug can walk, hop, fly - it's all up to you!


2 sheets of construction paper different color

scissors, ruler, pencil and glue

Cut 4 strips, each 1/2" x 12", from one sheet of paper.

Cut a 3" X 3" square from the other sheet of paper. Make a roll with the square and glue the ends together. This is the body of the bug. Glue on scraps of paper for a face and antennae.

Shape the legs of the bug by folding each strip as shown. Firmly crease each fold.

Glue each set of legs to the underside of the roll. Let dry.

Slip your finger into the roll and take your bug for a walk.



One section of paper towel

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