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You can make designs and use them over and over to make greeting cards, gift wrapping, banquet programs and menus and stationary.

Cover the table where you are working with newspapers because you must press down hard when printing to make a clear print.

Design will print the reverse of what is seen on the block so if there is lettering or a design that has a right or left, it should be glued to the block backwards.

Potato Printing

¥Potatoes make good block prints, if used right away. They are easily carved, but last only a day or two. One potato makes at least two designs.

¥Select a good bold design, free of small designs.

¥Cut potato in half with one straight cut and blot the surface to removed as much moisture as possible.

¥With an orange stick or pencil, trace design on potato.

¥Cut away all parts without any design ont hem. Cut outline at least 1/3" deep to provide a good printing surface. ¥Again remove additional moisture.

¥Place paper to be printed on a pad of newspaper or a water-soluble printer's ink on design.

¥Transfer potato design onto paper. Press had but do not move the potato or the design will smudge.

Leaf Printing

Trees shrubs, flowering plants and weeks offer an infinite source of leaf designs for printing. Use an inked stamp pad, place leaf, veins side down on pad. Lay a piece of newspaper over leaf and rub fingers over it. Remove leaf and place it on surface to be printed. Pace clean newspaper on tap and rub.

Crayon Rubbing

Place leaves veins side up on paper or textured surface, such as burlap, wood or leatherette. Cover with sheet of plain paper and rub crayon held sideways. Outlines and veining of leaves will stand out.

Printing With Sponges

On a dry plastic sponge draw or trace your design. Cut cleanly along the lines. Place poster paint in a dish, brush the paint onto the flat part of the sponge and stamp it on your paper.

Printing With Erasers

Draw your design on a gum eraser. Use a craft knife or scissors to cut away the part around the design so the pattern is raised.

Printing With Odds And Ends

Interesting and easy prints can be made with odds and ends from around the house. You will be surprised with the patterns you can make by pressing the bottom of a spice can or a bottle on an ink pad and then stamping your paper. Other things such as:

MatchboxHalf an OnionYour hand

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