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Indian Nations CouncilThe Greatest Show on Earth

Pinewood Derby

Items needed:



Cut out car of contrasting color and glue onto vinyl backing. Brads are used for wheels. Racing flags are decals.

Yacht Slide

The hull is whittled from white pine or balsa. The mast is a burned match. The boom is a toothpick. The sail is a triangle or white or red fabric.

Whittle and sand hull. It is flat on back and curved on front.

Drill 3 holes...one in top for match mast..2 in back for plastic or metal ring cut in half.

Glue mast in place. Glue boom to lower edge of sail.

Glue ring in place. While it is drying, make small flag for stern form construction paper triangle glue to straight pin.

Little Stinker

The head is a chestnut with a couple of ears glued on. The body is whittled out of white pine or balsa. The wood should be given a coat of glue and dry coffee grounds were sprinkled on and allowed to dry. Paint like the drawing.

Walnut Woggles

Items needed:

Metal rings

Pieces of felt

Half walnut shell

Each woggle needs two pieces of felt cut in the shape shown. Boys push a metal ring through both the pieces and glue the felt together to make a base. Then glue a walnut shell on top of the felt and make a Beaver face on it with scrap felt.

Chopping Wood

Items needed:

3/4" diameter stick of green wood

Match stick or 1/8" dowel

Small piece of printing plate or aluminum can

Wood glue and 527 household glue

3" pieces of chenille stick

Coping saw or jig saw drill 1/8" bit

Spray varnish

Cut an ax head from aluminum.  Put a coat of 527 glue inside of the ax head. Bend around one end of a match stick and use a clothespin to hold in place. Allow to dry.

Cut the branch into pieces: one 1 1/2", one 1", one 2 1/2". (If the Cubs are cutting use a coping saw, leaders can cut ahead with jig saw). Cut a flat surface on the 2 1/2" piece. Make a cut in the end of t he 1/2" piece. (For the ax head to glue into)

Drill two holes, 1/2" apart, in the middle of the back side of the 2 1/2" log. (the flat surface is the top).

Glue each end of the chenille stick into the drilled holes. Glue the 1/2" long (Cut side up) and the 1" long lying next to it on this side. Glue the ax head into the slot with glue. Varnish

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