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Woodcrafts can vary in size and type requiring minimal amount of skill to as much skill as a boy can perform. Crafts should be selected within the boys capabilities. Most projects can be made with a few simple hand tools.  Use of power tools should be limited to those capable of handling such type tool.

Safety First

1.Boys should work with adult supervision.

2.Work areas should be clean, large and good light.

3.Don't wear loose clothing around tools or any type of machinery.

4.Work carefully and not too fast, that might result in an accident.

5.Work tops should be at hand level height for best results.

6.Don't force work. This could result in binding, slipping, kickback and breaking tools or craft. Tools should be kept clean and sharp.

7.Slight cutting mistakes can be corrected with sandpaper and wood filler.

8.Use clamps or bench vise to hold material. This will make cutting easier.

9.Limit use of tools according to boys skill and knowledge of how to use.

10.Use safety glasses when using tools. This protects eyes from flying chips.

Squirrel - Oven Rack Tool

¥ Trace pattern onto wood or plywood.

¥ Cut-out with coping or jig saw (hand or power driven)

¥ Drill hole for eye.

¥ Sand smooth all surfaces and finish as desired.

¥ Pull oven rack out with ears.

¥ Push in with neck.

Recipe Holder

(Makes a good gift for mom or dad if he does the cooking)

¥ Trace body and head onto 1x4 block.

¥ Cut out with jig saw.

¥ Trace wings onto 1/4" plywood and cut out 2.

¥ Cut head in two and glue clothespin.

¥ Cut legs out of 2 -  3/16" dowels. Drill into body and base and glue.

¥ Cut base out of 1x3x3".

¥ Sand all pieces smooth and finish as desired.

Tool Or Tote Box

¥ Cut bottom out of 1 x 8 pine (7 1/2" wide by 12 1/2 " length)

¥ Cut sides out of 1 x 4 pine (3 1/2" x 12 1/2")

¥ Cut ends out of 1 x 10 pine (9" x 9 1/2")

¥ Taper ends.

¥ Drill hole in ends for 3/4" dowel handle.

¥ Cut 3/4" dowel 14" long.

¥ Nail ends and sides, and bottom together with 6d (6 penny) size nails and glue.

¥ Slide handle through holes in ends and nail to ends.

¥ Sand all pieces smooth before nailing together and again after putting it together.

¥ It is now ready to paint or finish as desired.

Wood Stool

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