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Indian Nations CouncilThe Greatest Show on Earth

(makes a good sturdy stool. Tiny tots love it as a play stool, like a park bench)

¥ Cut boards out of soft pine.

¥ Glue and nail all pieces.

¥ Nail 2 (1x4) braces to 2 (2x4) x 13"

¥ Then nail top pieces to brace frame.

¥ Nail steps to long pieces of 2x4.

¥ Turn top section up on end and nail legs in place and set bottom step in place and nail legs to this.

¥ Turn over and nail legs on other side.

¥ Sand all edges round and sides smooth.

¥ Paint and finish as desired.


Items needed:

Rubber Ball


Wood Paint Stick 12 inches long.

¥ Drill three holes - larger than the ball. Space about 2" apart.

¥ Drill small hole in top.

¥ Sand stick smooth after drilling holes.

¥ Finish as desired.

Bird House

Items needed:

1 x 6 piece of pinewood

4d (4 penny) nails

Hinge and screws


Cut back, front, sides, top and bottom out of a 1 x 6 piece of pine wood. Cut pieces to lengths shown on sketch, or any length desired.

Drill small hole in back piece near top to hand bird house.

Drill a hole in front piece for bird entry. This hole can be any size desired and for particular birds. Also drill hole in front for a 3/8" dowel.

Nail sides, front and back to bottom piece; and front and back pieces to sides with 4d (4 penny) size nails.

Attach top to back with a small hinge with screws.

Sand all sides and edges. Paint it and hang it up!


¥ Cut a cube from a piece of 4x4 fir lumber.

¥ Mark the center of the cube (block) at the top and drill a first hole 7/8 inch diameter to 5/8 inch depth. Then drill the hole another 3/8 inch depth with a 5/8 inch diameter drill bit.

¥ With a sharp knife or round file, smooth the hole to a tapered fitting. This will enable a tapered candle to fit snug.

¥ Now sand the block rounding all edges. The block can now be finished smooth or engraved with any design using a wood burning tool.

Handy Jar Holder

(Use to store assortment of screws, nails or bolts, etc.)

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