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Stained Glass

Stained glass windows are found in many churches and are made from lead-encased glass. Cub Scouts can make their own stained glass that is beautiful and inexpensive. Glue and food coloring mixed together and applied to glass will give the appearance of expensive stained glass.


Clue mixture is made from Elmer's white glue with food coloring added to achieve the desired color. Baby food jars are excellent for storing mixed glue. If stored glue mixture becomes too thick, add a few drops of water until the desired consistency is reached. Glue mixture colors will dry darker than they appear when wet.

When applying glue mixture, brush as smoothly as possible. Two light thin coats are better than a heavy coat.  If two colors touch, allow the first color to dry before applying the second. To brighten or darken a color, add additional coats of the mixture.

To transfer patterns to mirror, cover the back of the pattern with white crayon. Place the pattern on top of the mirror and trace around the pattern with a ball point pen. When pattern is removed, a wax tracing will remain.

Metal tabs must be flattened before applying any glue. The glue tends to puddle in the middle if the tab is still curved. The colored glue mixture may be used as paint on styrofoam.


Coloring books are good resources, or be creative - free hand them. Pattern sizes may be enlarged or reduced by most copy machines at local printing shops. Patterns need to be kept simple, without much detail.

Other Material

Pipe cleaners, pins, glue or hot glue guns for tie slides and pins. Tape and small wire of fishing line for sun catchers and Christmas ornaments.

Project Ideas -- Ideas Are Unlimited!

¥ Small Bottles - toothpick holders or vases

¥ Plastic boxes - jewelry boxes, sewing kits or picture frames

¥ Plastic/glass - tie slides, signs, rings, sun catchers, candle holders, key chains

¥ Old glass christmas ornaments - enamel comes off easily. Pour chlorine bleach inside ball and swish.

¥ Wear rubber gloves.

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