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Reindeer Party Favor

Materials:Clear plastic cups (approximately 3 1/2 ozs)


Construction paper - brown

Moving eyes (or make eyes of construction paper)

Ribbon - 1/8" x 18" red

Pom pom - 3/4" red

Jingle bell - 15mm gold

Chenile stem - green

Candy - approximately 3 oz of peppermints (or fill with other candy, potpourri, etc.)




Craft glue and/or tacky glue

1.Using plastic cups, rim side down, make two circles of cardboard and 4 circles of brown construction paper.  Glue the construction paper to each side of the cardboard.

2.Fill both cups with candy and lay a line of glue around the rims of the cups.  Place the circles on top of the cups.  Turn upside down and press firmly.  Let dry.

3.Cut two 3/8" wide strips of brown construction paper, trim length to match circumference of cup, and glue strips around the top and bottom of one of the cups.  Glue the other cup across the small end of this cup to form reindeer's head and body.

4.Cut two antlers from brown construction paper and cardboard using same method as before, using pattern.  Glue antlers to back of reindeer's head.

5.Glue eyes and pom pom in place.

6.Form a double bow from ribbon, trimming ends if necessary.  Loop a small piece of chenille stem through jingle bell and then tie around center of bow.  Glue bow to front of reindeer's neck.

Lacy Thread Balls

These light, delicate ornaments are nothing but thread and air.  You make them by wrapping balloons with thread that has been soaked in starch.  Lay a spool of thread on its side in a small bowl; cover it completely with liquid starch.  Hang a small balloon over the bowl and wind the three around it firmly (not too tightly, or might pop the balloon).  Keep winding until the balloon is covered with a fine net work of thread, like a cobweb.  then cut the end of the thread, like a cobweb. Then cut the end of the thread and smooth it down.  Let the starch dry overnight; then pop the balloon and gently remove it.  Hang lace balls on your Christmas tree or in a window.

Notarial Seal Baubles

Use large Dennison Notarial Seals (No. 26).  Cut a triangle, 2 1/8" on all sides, from cardboard.  Place the triangle on the Notarial Seals, colored side up, matching points A.  Trace along the cardboard, then fold the seal upward along the lines.

Paste four seals together at the two top sides, matching the points and folds as closely as possible (B).  Paste another four seals in the same manner, then join bottom edges.  Decorate with glitter if you wish.  Attach wire for hanging to tree.

You can make variations by using more or less seals, and by alternating the colors of the seals when pasting them together.

Soldier Napkin Holder

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