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The Greatest Show on EarthIndian Nations Council

Invert a round top clothespin and paint the lower part a dark color for the soldier's boots.  Paint the uniform, face and hat in suitable colors.

For arms, glue pieces of burnt matches at the sides of the front, as shown.  Ink in features and added details.  Glue boots to a small card for name or greeting.  Slip a napkin between the prongs.

A nut cup decorated like a drum, would be appropriate for goodies.

Angels In The Round

A procession of angels in front of Christmas greenery makes a very nice decoration.  You can make them any size -each one is made from paper or foil, cut and folded.  Use the pattern and cut on solid lines and fold on dotted ones.  Try cutting these from foil pans and decorate wings with glitter.

Advent Jigsaw Puzzle

Materials:A sheet of paper large enough to take 24 matchbooks put side by side

Paints and paintbrushes


24 matchboxes

24 little surprises (such as candy, coins, little pictures, etc.)

Paint a picture of Santa Claus or a Christmas tree on the sheet of paper.  Then cut the paper into 24 rectangles and glue them to the matchboxes.  Put a little surprise into each matchbox.  You could give the puzzle to someone you're particularly fond of.

Sparkling Stand Up Eggs

Weighted eggs made with blown eggs stand by themselves.  Tuck them here and there around the house - wherever you'd like a special Easter touch.  With a darning needle, punch a hole in both ends of an egg.  Blow the contents into a pows.  Seal the hole in the large end with tape and with this end down, prop the egg in an upright position.  Squeeze about 1 teaspoon of white glue into the egg.  Then drop a teaspoon of bird shot into the egg for weight.  Let the glue dry thoroughly (three or four days).  When the glue is dry, seal the top hole by gluing a tiny piece of tissue paper over it.

Decorate them in the following ways:

Yarn-Wrapped:  Apply a thin coating of glue to half of the egg.  Beginning at the center, wrap two strands of yarn, string or embroidery floss around and around the egg, keeping the strands close together so they completely cover the surface of the egg.  Repeat for the other half.  When the glue is dry, apply a coat of varnish to the egg.

Marbleized:  Use felt markers in various colors.  Beginning with the darker shades, apply the outline of your design.  Then blend in the various lighter shades, to give a marbleized appearance.  Top with a coat of varnish.

Antiqued:  With pencil, draw your design on the egg.  Apply a thin line of glue to the design and press string onto the glue.  When the glue is dry, paint the egg silver; let dry.  To antique the egg, brush on black paint and wipe off the excess immediately for desired effect.

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